Call of Duty Mobile has rebranded itself with the start of the "New Order" update in Jan 2021, rolling back the seasonal number to 1. With the release schedule of 2 months per season, the second big upgrade of 2021, Day of Reckoning, is going to hit the live server very soon.

1 - COD Mobile Season 2 2021: Battle Pass

Premium rewards

The new battle pass would be released on March 12. There would be 4 new premium characters: Alex, Mace – Back For More, Mil-Sim – Brute, Mara – Awakening


5 new epic blueprints are going to be added: KRM-262 – Eagle Claw, BK57 – Data Miner, AS VAL – Judgement, M4LMG – Checkpoint,  HVK-30 – Jumper Cable. The other rewards in the BP include: Glow Stick – Chemical Light, Charm – Lantern, Avatar – Reckoning, Frame – Urban Frame.


Free rewards

  • New Napalm Strike scorestreak is a 5-kill airstrike type attack. Once the target is selected, a drone would fly in a straight line towards the target and drop napalm on its flight path, burning everything.
  • New AS VAL base weapon: A deadly "stealth rifle" with the two unique features of subsonic and suppressor.

2 - New Ranked Rewards

  • Epic weapon: Karambit
  • Epic Frame and Calling Card
  • New Epic Soldier: Kruger: Burst Steel
  • Epic Weapon Blueprint: QXR: Roaring Steel, FR.556

3 - Events and Challenges Rewards

  • New weapon: SP-R 208 - this is a bolt action hunting rifle with high damage and mobility. You can equip a special attachment to increase accuracy in exchange for reload speed.
  • New Perk: Recon. Scan the area when you make a kill.

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4 - New Map


A popular Modern Warfare map ported to mobile - it is a military training ground in the middle of the desert.

Codm Shoothouse Map 001


Another Modern Warfare classic - fight fierce battles between the containers of a modern loading dock.

Codm Shipment 1944 Tout

5 - New Mode

Gunfight Sniper

A sniper rifles only mode in which everyone using the weapon obtained to capture or annihilate targets.


Tank Battle

Collect tank parts to create a tank to fight enemies.


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