More information has been leaked out about the next season of Call of Duty Mobile. There are a lot of new contents like a brand new map, new class, new guns... however, the most hyped part is probably the new "Tank Battle" mode, in which you drive a tank around and fight other players.


The leaks were posted by the YouTube channel AnonymousYT who's a reputable leaker of the game. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new mode.

About Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle Mode

This mode would take place in the original Isolated map - with players having to gather pieces of a tank to build it. Each tank needs 5 pieces and they are scattered in vending machines across the map.

You can customize your tank to an extent - there are options for getting anti-tank weaponry, anti-vehicle weaponry and even repair equipment. There is a unique depot that you can capture to repair and supply your tank during the match as well.

How would this mode work?

Overall, Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle is just the usual "last team standing" BR format, with the additional layer of Tank Combat on top of it. With everyone having access to tanks and heavy weapons early, matches would be pure chaos. Strategies in this mode would need to be changed to get the tanks up as soon as possible.


This new mode would probably be limited and would not be available after the end of season 2 (if not shorter). Besides the explosive tanks, there's another new addition that might change the balance of the game - the Spotter class. The unique ability of this class is to call an airstrike upon an area, dealing AOE damage.

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