Comparing to its rivals in the mobile battle royale market, Call of Duty has a lot more customization that you can apply to your characters and weapons. Last year, they introduced a new system called Gunsmith that allows players to personalize their guns to an unprecedented level. With weapon loadouts being equipped right from the start in Call of Duty Mobile, Gunsmith is a very important element.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Gunsmith system in Cod Mobile.

What is Gunsmith and how to access it?

Gunsmith allows you to choose any primary weapon or pistols and custom up to 9 slots: optic, laser, muzzle, barrel, underbarrel, ammunition, rear grip, stock, and perk. This would change the performance of the weapon greatly. There are a few cosmetic add-ons such as Charm and Camo.

Codm Gunsmith Tout

To access Gunsmith, from the opening screen, just tap on "loadout", then tap on the weapon. This will take you through to all the weapon options divided into categories - assault, sniper, LMG, etc - and once you have a weapon equipped you can then fully customize it by tapping on the Gunsmith button.

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What should you upgrade in Gunsmith?

In customizing guns, you would need to look at the chart on the right side of the page that displays the various stats of each gun. From damage to accuracy, range, fire rate, mobility, controls - you can have up to five different attachments on a weapon. The various stats on the chart would be changed with those attachments - remove the stock and you'll increase the mobility while decreasing the accuracy, add a suppressor and the range of your gun will decrease.Rus 79u Cod Mobile Loadout 1

You should have upgraded your loadout based on the maps you play. For example, on smaller maps like Shipment 1944, mobility and magazine capacity are important... and because of that, getting attachments on the ammunition and stock slot should be the highest priority.

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Applying the same methods on the other maps. If you're stuck, it is possible to get suggestions by tapping on the lightbulb, however, it is best to just trial and error. You can tap on "blueprints" at the bottom of the page to save modified versions of weapons.

Cod Mobile Gunsmith

The final thing to consider when doing gunsmith is the perk slot - these are unlocked after you upgrade your weapon... and they could be useful in many situations. Once you have made all the changes needed, just save and equip the new weapon to your character.

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