Clan Wars was first introduced in COD Mobile Season 4. For the first time, players in a clan could do something more than just collecting credits in the game. COD Mobile now battles against each other every week for a slot in the Clan Leaderboard. Of course, it also comes with a whole rainbow of rewards. On top of that, you can also collect clan currency by winning Clan Wars and use it to trade for items like the Ronin operator skin.

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This week's Clan Wars includes using Gravity Spikes.

However, as you may expect, competing in Clan Wars isn't easy. Everyone wants to win. There are even side missions that you must complete in order to gain more rewards. They change from week to week, refreshing once the wars conclude. This week, your mission is to use Gravity Spikes in the Aniyah Incursion map.

Ground War Map: Aniyah Incursion in COD Mobile

Aniyah Incursion is a new Ground War map recently introduced in Season 5 of COD Mobile. This map is gigantic since it's designed for 10v10 gameplay. There's lots of coverage for you to hide and strike. Strategy plays a crucial role in this Ground Wars map. If you're caught out of position, it will look bad for the whole team.

Aniyah Incursion Layout
Aniyah Incursion Map Layout

How to use Gravity Spikes in Aniyah Incursion Map?

Aniyah Incursion is currently available in Ground War only. So, in order to complete the Gravity Spikes Clan War mission, you will have to play this mode. It's quite similar to regular Domination mode, but you have to capture five flags instead of the regular three.

The mission requires players to get kills in Aniyah Incursion with the help of Gravity Spikes. This was 2019's favorite Operator Skill that was later nerfed to the ground because there was simply no counter-play.

Gravity Spikes Cod Mobile
Jump in and trap your enemies with Gravity Spikes.

However, Gravity Spikes are back. The best way to use this Operator Skill in Aniyah Incursion is to sneak behind the enemy's line with Dead Silence. When multiple enemies rush in to secure the flag, send Gravity Spikes to them. Each kill using the Gravity Spike will earn your Clan 30 points. Since Ground War includes a lot of players, it should be ideal to grind for points here.

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