In a recent update on the live servers, COD Mobile has introduced the new Omnipotent draw. It offers players a chance to unlock the new Legendary Ghost skin as well as the legendary Shorty shotgun. In case you haven't heard, the Shorty is a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun. It will be a handy weapon to equip on your second slot.

Shorty Codm
Fear the Shorty!

If players decide to purchase the legendary Shorty, they will also unlock its base version immediately. However, in case you don't want to spend your money, you have to grind for it. The base Shorty is obtainable by completing a series of challenges.

List of Challenges to Unlock the Shorty Shotgun

In order to unlock the Shorty COD Mobile, players have to complete its Seasonal event. The event is called "Sawed Off Shenanigans". There are 7 tasks in total, but you only have to complete 6 of them to unlock the shotgun in COD Mobile.

Here's the list of challenges which you need to complete to unlock the Shorty COD Mobile:

  • Play 3 matches in any mode
  • Kill 10 enemies with any shotgun
  • Loot 5 shotguns in BR matches
  • Kill 15 enemies with any shotgun equipped with the Amped perk (Available in the Credit Store)
  • Kill 20 enemies with any shotgun equipped with any charm
  • Takedown enemies with any BY15 equipped with any 5 attachments
  • Win 5 MP matches with any Shorty equipped (The Shorty must be equipped in-hand at the end of the match)

Sawed Off Shenanigans Season Event Rewards

By completing all tasks in the Seasonal event, players will unlock the base version of the Shorty Shotgun for free. It also rewards a good amount of Battle Pass XP, in case you're behind in that department. Also, remember to unlock the base version of CR-56 AMAX at BP level 21 as soon as possible. You will need this gun to unlock AK117- Rhinestone skin for free.

Shorty Codm Stats
This is a great weapon for close-range.

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