Recently, COD Mobile has released a public test build for its upcoming Season 6. More and more content is getting out of the bag including the new maps leaked in test server, which makes fans super happy. However, the public test build is only available for Android users.

Stack Map
Two new maps are coming to COD Mobile Season 6, too!

Though not everyone can join the beta test build, those who did share some pretty interesting looks of what's coming. From the speculations we've heard, Season 6 of COD Mobile will introduce a new Red Perk, a new tactical throwable, and a FOV enhancement feature.

New Perk- Martyrdom

Martyrdom is a Red Perk that is coming to COD Mobile. After getting a kill, this Perk allows players to drop a live grenade. If you're a veteran player in the Call of Duty franchise, then you must be familiar with it. Martyrdom is so popular that they have to introduce its own counter perk - Toss Back.

The Martyrdom Perk will be extremely helpful in Search and Destroy mode, where every kill counts.

The new Martyrdom Perk is coming.

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New Tactical Grenade - Shield Grenade

The test servers also shed light on a brand new tactical grenade that is coming in Season 6 of the game. The Shield Grenade will form a plasma dome to protect any players standing underneath. It seems like you can shoot from within the dome, and can move in and out of it effortlessly.

If the Shield Grenade comes to the next season, it will change the whole meta. Long-range snipers or even close-range combats may revolve largely around playing with the dome smartly.

FOV Slider Now Goes Up To 90

You can now push the FOV slider in COD Mobile all the way to 90. It actually broadens the field of vision by a whole lot, giving you more control. So, if you're asking for a vision buff, now you can have it your way.

Cod Mobile Shooting Mode
COD Mobile will allow a more realistic FOV.

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