If there's something Call of Duty: Mobile does exceptionally well, it has to be producing new content. The game rolls out updates, Seasonal Challenges,... so often that you may miss tons of things in just a month. With the current season is just one week away from its conclusion, COD Mobile Season 7 is right around the corner.

Cod Mobile Season 7 Leaks
Finish what you've started in Season 6 and prepare for Season 7 of COD Mobile.

As usual, some information regarding the new season of COD Mobile has leaked out. So, if you're eager to learn about what's coming in the next update of the game, then keep on reading.

These COD Mobile Season 7 leaks will light up your day!

COD Mobile Season 7 Overview

Before we start, we want to inform you that Season 6 of COD Mobile has only a week left. That means 1 week from now, you cannot play the limited-time Zombie mode anymore. Activision says this is an exclusive mode for Season 6.

But there are other things to look forward to in Season 7. We have new maps and weapons heading our way. COD Mobile has already recently released a little teaser of the two new weapons, one of which is a secondary.

Also, the legendary Reaper-Ashura character skin will be available next Season.

Cod Mobile Season 7 New Map
New Maps are coming to the game.

M4LMG Salamander And QQ9 Legendary Skin Revealed!

The M4LMG Salamander is another legendary weapon that is coming to COD Mobile. Its gameplay footage was revealed a while back, the gun never made it to the official game. This weapon may not be the best to sport in competitive Multiplayer, but it's incredible for Battle Royale.

Cod Mobile Season 7 Helicopter Camo
Leaks suggest the first-ever legendary vehicle camo in COD Mobile will be the Helicopter.

In Season 7, a lucky draw will bring the first legendary vehicle to COD Mobile. According to the leaks, it is going to be the Helicopter.

Cod Mobile Season 7 Guns
New guns are also coming.

And let's not forget the legendary skin: the new QQ9 - Mooner. The name might be changed as the information comes from datamining, but the skin is 100% happening. It kind of resembles the existing ASM-10 legendary skin that was added to COD Mobile in Season 6.

Qq9 Mooner
The QQ9 Mooner will be available in Lucky Draws.

All in all, the new Season 9 of COD Mobile seems to be quite a handful. What do you think about these new skins? Let us know in the comments down below.

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