The Relentless is one of the COD Mobile players can get in their game. While some gamers find earning it requires little effort, others think that it is a hassle to get their hands on this medal. For the unknown, the disparity might come from the choice of game mode that the player makes.

This article will explain all the details on how players can earn the Relentless medal in COD Mobile. To clear this cloud of myth, here’s our Relentless COD Mobile guide that can play a big help.

Call Of Duty Mobile
See how to earn Relentless medal COD Mobile!

What is Relentless COD Mobile?

The Relentless medal is one of the rewards granted after players have completed unique challenges in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is a Kill-Streak medal in the game and it can be quite tough for some players, different from the easiest COD Mobile medals.

The medal is granted to gamers with a cap amount of kills. Players can use any high-tier weapons with recoil-optimizing loadout.

Beginners often struggle to get the COD Mobile Relentless medal as it demands technical and tactical skills. The point of our Relentless COD Mobile guide is to help you gain a profound understanding to deal with the odds of defeating a big number of opponents.

Relentless Cod Mobile
In total, COD mobile has 86 different medals that can be won by completing unique challenges.

From trip mines, EMPs, operator abilities, bombs, to other high-benefit weapons, you can take their advantages into accumulating kills for the medal. Doing the relevant challenges will award you with this special item that can then impact your profile on the whole and matchmaking rank on the game.

Here’s how to earn Relentless Medal in COD mobile

How to get Relentless medal in COD Mobile

The Relentless medal you want is up for grabs in CODM’s Multiplayer section. That means players need to engage in Multiplayers fights to win this medal.

The next requirement for Relentless medal which is also the main one is that players have to kill 20 opponents in a streak without dying.

While it may sound quite challenging, you can easily accomplish it in bot lobbies where you do not have to face real players. You can do so by playing non-ranked combats.

How To Get Relentless Medal COD Mobile
Getting a COD Mobile Relentless medal requires killing 20 enemies without dying.

The perfect moment to apply this method would be after all patches of the game because not all players will be able to immediately update. When lesser gamers are on the server, the game will automatically put AI bots in no-ranked multiplayer fights.

The player can easily see AI bots with their gameplay style. Almost every bot won’t camouflage for cover and will just run and fire at anybody in sight. You can totally see those bots and get seamless kills in your match.

However, if you want to get yourself some challenges, you may try Ranked matches out where you face professional and intermediate players.

Tips to get Relentless Medal in COD Mobile against pros

While facing COD Mobile professionals, you may face issues to get a perfect scorestreak of 20.

1. Jump

To jump while getting shot is a seasoned PvP strategy that helps you dodge excessive damage. It comes even handier on mobile where everybody would find it harder to aim at a moving target using the touchscreen.

Jumping around can help players cover more ground while steering clear of getting killed.

2. Hide

You should not feel ashamed to hide until your health is regenerated to full. This can assist you in maintaining the streak of kills without having to risk it and do it from the start.

Cod Mobile 2
Hiding is in fact a practical strategy.

3. Upgrade the weapon

Ensure that you are bringing the weapon with maximum damage. We recommend you bring a shotgun which helps you gain kills with one shot at a close distance. This is a useful tactic for close-quarter fights in maps like Crash, Killhouse, The Cage…

4. Scorestreaks and Operator skills

This is probably the best tip to get Relentless COD Mobile. To help yourself along with this task, make sure you are fully equipped with cap-damage dealing operator skills and scorestreaks.

What is recommended is the Purifier, the Tempest, or the Equalizer to get the most skills without long load times.

Moreover, talking about scorestreaks, Goliath, sentry guns, and predator missiles are also ideal options. They can help you stay alive longer and get multiple kills. The sentry gun, especially, will increase the kill count while you do not have to manually operate it.

Scorestreaks And Operator Skills
Using Scorestreaks and Operator Skills is essential to win the match.

There goes everything you need to know about Relentless COD Mobile tips and tricks. You can check for more detailed game instructions on!

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