After a recent delay, Raven Software has finally released the latest update for COD Warzone Season 5. This season is packed to the brim with new and exciting content. Apart from the usual balances and bug figs, Season 5 also brings with it new game modes, weapons, and another set of perks: Combat Scout and Tempered.

Let's get down to details about these two new perks in COD Warzone Season 5.

Tempered Perk Warzone (Slot 2 - Red)

The Tempered perk essentially allows players to max out their armor using only two armor plates instead of three. Instead of the normal 50 damage absorption, this perk will reinforce armor plates and increase damage absorption to 75.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tempered Perk In Season 5
You can now recover your armor quicker and save time for combat.

Combat Scout perk Warzone (Slot 3 - Yellow)

After equipping the Combat Scout perk, players will be able to spot and highlight enemies for a few seconds after landing a shot on them. Yes, this is insanely overpowered. Being able to reveal enemies' locations definitely changes the course of the game. Some players have already been calling Combat Scout the 'Wall Hack' perk.

This perk will certainly be on many Warzone players' favorite list. We really believe that it can shift the whole meta of the game.

Cod Warzone Season 5 Combat Scout
Equip the Combat Scout to reveal your enemies' locations.

Perk Balances In COD Warzone Season 5

Apart from the two new perks, this update also changes two other Call of Duty Warzone perks to balance the gameplay.

The High Alert perk will now allow players to hear the footsteps of enemies even if they have the Dead Silence perk equipped. This has become an effective counter to assassin's favorite Dead Silence. It will encourage players to move and use other perks instead of Dead Silence.

Call Of Duty Warzone New Perks
The game developers don't want players focusing too much on Dead Silence.

Cold Blooded also received a little buff. Those who equip this Blue perk will be able to avoid being targeted by enemy AI and thermal optics. It also applies to the effect of the new Combat Scout perk.

Meta Perk Combo In COD Warzone Season 5

With the recent changes and additions in the perk system, here's our speculation for the next meta in COD Warzone:

  • Blue: Cold Blooded
  • Red: Tempered/Ghost/High Alert
  • Yellow: Combat Scout

This season seems to gravitate towards the more aggressive and combat-intensive gameplay. It encourages players to engage in fights more often with the help of both Combat Scout and the extra armor from Tempered.

Cod Warzone Season 5
Season 5 is all about fighting.

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