Call of Duty (COD) Warzone is one of the most favorite versions of this franchise. All elements of this game, from gameplay, weapons, characters, and vehicle are highly estimated. Check out all Call Of Duty Warzone vehicles and find out the best one here.

Call Of Duty Warzone Vehicles List

There are five vehicles in COD Warzone. They have different speeds, durability levels, off-road suitability, and passenger capacities. Check out all must-know status of them here!

#1. All-terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATV standing All-terrain Vehicle is the most versatile car in COD Warzone. This 4-wheeler car can run on all terrains on the map of this game, including flat roads or bumpy hills and rocky mountains. Therefore, ATV is very useful when you traverse through mountainous terrains.

All Terrain Vehicle
ATVs can move on all bumpy off-road terrains in this game.

However, this vehicle provides poor protection for both the driver and the passenger. Therefore, you have to speed up and fire back if you get chased. This vehicle cannot protect you from enemies' bullet showers. It's very risky when a pro sniper aims at your head.

#2. Tactical Rover

This 4-wheeler car provides 4 seats for a driver and three passengers. Therefore, you don't need to leave your friends behind. It's enough for a full team to traverse the map. Besides, this car provides a little protection for all passengers on the car. Moreover, this vehicle also has a high movement speed.

Tactical Rover
Tactical Rover has more seats for a full team squad of four players.

#3. SUV

SUV is the safest vehicle in this game with full protection for all people inside the car. But keep in mind that enemies can shoot and break the vehicle and kill you. SUV is also fast but it's not as fast as tactical Rover and ATV. Moreover, it's not nimble when moving off-road and going through bumpy terrains.

Cod Suv
SUV provides you better protection.

#4. Cargo Truck

This game also offers a cargo truck to let players traverse the map in safety. This truck provides you the best protection among all COD Warzone vehiclesHowever, it will easily unveil your position because of its big size. Moreover, Cargo Truck is not a good choice for off-road traversing. Besides, you should park it on flat ground or it will roll down.

Cargo Truck
Cargo Truck is the safest vehicle in this game.

#5. Helicopter

The helicopter is the only vehicle to fly in this game. It works pretty like the chopper in the Ground War mode in COD Modern Warfare. Therefore, it's not hard to fly this chopper as long as you have a good pilot in your team. Or else, he can kill the whole team with a vehicle crash. The helicopter in COD Warzone can provide you enough protection but it's also vulnerable to bullet showers.

Cod Chopper
The helicopter is the best vehicle for the whole team.

Best Vehicle in COD Warzone

The best vehicle in Call of Duty Warzone is definitely the helicopter. It helps you move very quickly without concerning about the terrain. Moreover, it's pretty safer because you can evade the combat quickly by raising the altitude. Provided that your team has a skillful pilot, you can clear some teams from the air.

Cod Warzone Best Vehicle
The helicopter is the best vehicle if you have an excellent pilot in your team.

The next best vehicle in COD Warzone is the SUV. It has most of the key elements of the best vehicle, such as speed, protection, capacity, and durability. The whole team can move fast and safely through roads and get through barricades of enemies.

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COD WarZone Vehicle Controls

There are two types of vehicles in the COD Warzone, including the ground vehicle and air vehicle. Four ground vehicles have the same controls while the air vehicle has a different control system. Check out the default vehicle controls for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players here.

Vehicle Controls
Vehicle controls in COD Warzones for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players.

You can also assign the controls for vehicle driving in this game base on your preference. Go to the Setting to make your own control setting for all Call Of Duty Warzone vehicles.

How To Use COD WarZone Vehicles?

Using vehicles is very important to win in COD Warzone. If you use these vehicles properly, you will get closer to the Top #1 position in this game.

Team Squad Tactics

  • If your team has all four players, choose a Tactical Rover or an SUV.
  • Leave the driver seat for the supporter player in your team.
  • The tanker should take the seat beside the driver.
Use Multiple Vehicles
Use multiple vehicles to divide the target and support each other,
  • If your team plan to move through bumpy terrain, you should divide your team into two duos and move on two ATVs. But you should keep a safe distance between the two vehicles. A scout and a tanker should run in front of the vehicle of the sniper and IGL.
  • It would be best to own a helicopter in this game.
Use Vehicle To Distract Enemies
Use a vehicle to distract enemies and rush successfully.

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Tips To Use Vehicles

  • You can use the vehicle for distraction. The cargo truck is the best choice for this mission. The vehicle of the sound can distract enemies and let the rest of your team rush them quickly.
Dont Get Out Right Away
Don't get out of the vehicle immediately.
  • Don't get panic and get out of the vehicle instantly in combat. The armored truck can protect you from a lot of bullets. So, you should choose the best time to leave it instead of getting panic and go out right away. The opponent can shoot you down immediately. Instead, drive around and get useful information for your team before finding a safe place to park and exit.
Find A Safe Place To Park
Find a safe place to park and leave the vehicle.
  • Don't leave the car at the same time or enemies from different directions can spray to clear your whole team.
  • Using multiple vehicles keeps your team survive better and support each other well.
  • You can also use vehicles to rush campers. Park the cargo truck under the window to jump to the second floor to push campers.

Those are all Call Of Duty Warzone vehicles and the best tips to use them effectively.

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