Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations are a huge part of the gameplay of the Battle Royale by Infinity Ward. Their locations are key to buying certain objects that will serve the players wonderfully during the game.

In this Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations guide, you can find a complete breakdown of how to find them, some recommendations on the most interesting purchases, and, of course, how to get money to spend at the stations.

Where are the Call of Duty Warzone Buy Station Locations?

The locations of buy stations vary from map to map. To find them on the map is very simple. The shopping cart icon is the one that identifies the buy stations. Although at the beginning of the game it is not recommended to spend on them just yet.

But after a few minutes and after getting several contracts or eliminating players, do not hesitate to buy everything you need. Next in this COD Warzone buy stations guide, we are looking at all the items and their utilities.

What Can be Purchased at COD Warzone Buy Stations?

Buy stations offer different items to spend. Not all are useful, as it will depend on the progress of your game or anticipating what is to come in the next few minutes:

  • Armor Plate Bundle ($1,500): A crucial item for Warzone games, as they will provide you with armor. Always try to carry the maximum number of plates in case you cannot obtain them by looting.
  • Shield turret ($2,000): Although the turret is not essential during the first few moments of the game, in the final moments its use can be crucial. A turret to place anywhere on the surface and activates as soon as it detects an enemy. Can you ask for more?
Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations guide
Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations
  • Cluster Strike ($3,000): While the turret is an expendable item, the cluster attack is just the opposite. It can be useful at any time. Perfect for clearing sniper-riddled roofs, as well as for the final stages where enemies try to reach the safe area.
  • Gas Mask ($3,000): The gas mask can become your best ally in case you get lost in the gas storm. It gives you a total of 12 seconds of stamina if you go deep into the gas.
  • Precision Airstrike ($3,500): Like the Cluster Attack, it is one of the most interesting items to buy for the final stages of the game. Also, its damage is slightly higher compared to Cluster Attack.
  • UAV ($4,000): The UAV is one of the most useful items at any point in the game. Thanks to it you can locate the position of each and every enemy around you.
  • Self-revive kit ($4500): Whether playing solo or in a group, the self-revive kit is helpful. You may not have your companions nearby or you may have been shot by a sniper. That is the ideal time to use it. Of course, keep in mind the cost that comes with it.
  • Munitions Box ($5,000): A box of ammunition to reload bullets, essential if you are in a rush for ammunition or looting is difficult.
  • Loadout Drop Marker ($6,000): Warzone's most expensive item, but also justified. With it, we can receive a box containing a set of weapons previously configured from the main menu. Its presence is almost vital in case of not having good equipment or during the final moments of the game.

What Should I Buy at Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations?

If you progress properly in a Warzone match, both solo and in a group, it won't be difficult to get at least $5,000 in the first few minutes. Our recommendation is that you prioritize the batches of plates. The UAV should be the next thing to consider, along with the self-revive kit. These are defensive items that will help you move around the map more safely.

On the other hand, if you want to play aggressively or have multiple aces up your sleeve during the final minutes, airstrike and cluster attack are a must. Don't look past the shield turret either.

How to Earn Money to Invest in Call of Duty Warzone Buy Stations?

Money is one of the key parts of Warzone gameplay. With it, we can buy casualty streaks, revive our companions, and decisive items that help our progress in the game. To get those dollars, keep in mind the following options:

  • Completing Contracts: Doing contracts will bring you a good amount of money, although you should know that some of them will pose a risk to you and your team.

call of duty warzone buy stations

  • Eliminating Players: Eliminating players will not only give you access to all of the gear they carry but also to their wallet. Don't forget to shoot and loot!
  • Looting: Do you hear the sound of that crate around you? Do not hesitate to go for it. In addition to weapons and accessories in the form of grenades or mines, you can also get money. Of course, there are also the dollars spread out inside many buildings.

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