There is a multitude of weapons in Call of Duty Warzone, and some have already placed themselves as the favorites of the COD Warzone gaming community depending on whether they are focused on close range, medium distance, or more distant attacks.

Some weapons like the M4A1 and Grau dominate the assault rifles while the MP7 and MP5 rule the SMG class, but that doesn't mean that there are no others that are even better, that the community is not even using right now.

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These are the other weapons that are less used and undervalued, yet very effective. And this is where you can take advantage of them. We are looking at 6 weapons that are often undervalued by the community, and if you take advantage of them, you will be able to eliminate many enemies by surprise.

6 Very Underrated Call of Duty Warzone Weapons that Are Better Than You Think


It is a sniper rifle and it is less used with respect to standouts such as the AX-59 and HDR. The Kar98k is a serious and viable alternative thanks to its excellent handling, and although it does not deal as much damage as the mentioned ones, you can think of using it as more as a hunting rifle, and it also shows that it can easily penetrate the armor of enemies at medium and long distances.


Kilo 141

In this case, we are talking about an assault rifle that is less used compared to the Grau and M4A1. It has worse recoil and is less effective than the other ones, but if you know how to use its accessories correctly you can even overcome them.

Ninja Warzone Loadout: How to Build the Perfect Kilo 141 Call of Duty Warzone best underrated weapons

So you could slap on it a monolithic suppressor and a custom stock to lower its recoil, and if you take advantage of its high rate of fire, you already have a lot of eliminated enemies.

PP-19 Bizon

It is an SMG that does not measure up to the MP5, but stands out for being an incredibly large weapon for its type, and also for having a 64-round magazine, which will allow you to reload in less time and thus remain more active in the battle.

Modern Warfare Season 4: PP19 Bizon Setup And Best Attachments Call of Duty Warzone best underrated weapons

It also has very little recoil and is extremely manageable, making it one of the underrated weapons that you can take advantage of in your next games.


Another one of the most undervalued SMGs, which if equipped with the appropriate accessories such as the Forge Tac Retribution cannon, the monolithic suppressor, and the 50-round magazines, it is easily among the best of the best.

My current P90 loadout, aiming for as low recoil Call of Duty Warzone best underrated weapons

The weapon would be best used for close-range engagements but it also works very well in the medium range so be sure to try it out.

Bruen MK9

These types of weapons have somewhat complicated mobility, which leads to them not being used very regularly. The Bruen MK9 is not as fast as an assault rifle, but thanks to the damage it manages to deal and its lack of recoil, it becomes a very interesting weapon for longer distances.

My warzone MK9 Bruen setup, any feedback ? Call of Duty Warzone best underrated weapons

You should also take advantage of its large capacity and fast reloading time.


It is a very versatile weapon and that can surpass any SMG at a longer range, and because of that, it can become your favorite secondary weapon as it is a hybrid between SMG and AR. You can use some accessories to improve its range, so remember to also take into account its possible enhancements.

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These are possibly the 6 most undervalued weapons in Call of Duty Warzone that can have a much greater role in the matches, especially if you take advantage of their accessories. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at