Warzone has been one of the most popular releases from the Call of Duty series in recent times since its release just over a year ago now. The developers haven’t made many changes since it was initially brought out, and it is this that has kept its popularity so high. However, there is one thing that is always on the mind of the players and that is which is the best gun to have in your loadout to ensure that you are getting to the endzone to win the game – below we investigate this.

Call Of Duty War Zone
Call of Duty WARZONE [Image: DroidJournal]
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One of the most popular guns that have quickly become the meta for many of our loadouts, especially the pros in recent times has been that of the Aug. The AUG is registered as an SMG, but it can be fully operated as an assault rifle due to the sheer firepower in which it boasts for us players to take advantage of. Yes, it isn’t a gun that is going to tear through the armor of your enemies straight away, but the speed that it offers certainly does compensate for this and is really working well now.

Warzone Kar98k
Kar98 is the best gun in Warzone for now.

If you are more of a long-range player, then the Kar98 is arguably the best sniper rifle within Warzone and has become a staple amongst pro players' loadouts. The Kar98 is a tactical rifle which took away popularity from the DMR when it was initially nerfed and the Kar98 took over in terms of being the most popular sniper on the market for players to take advantage of – if you are wanting a sniper on Warzone, the Kar98 is certainly the gun for you.

And finally, the FFAR 1 has quickly become the most used assault rifle on the game but has been used as a more close-range gun due to the short-range benefits that it offers. Despite several nerfs in recent times and updates on the game, the FFAR is the perfect accompany to any long-range gun or sniper due to the incredible versatility and damage output that it offers for players.

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