COD Mobile offers about 86 medals for players to gain via a match. After gaining each medal, gamers can flaunt them by displaying in their profile. Although you may not get rewards because of them, the medals indeed represent personal attainments as well as a sense of triumph in the game.

And while it seems impossible to categorize the medals into the worst or best ones, you can totally generalize them based on the difficulty of obtainability. COD Mobile has some quite easy-to-get medals that you can get without doing too much. Check out the easiest COD Mobile medals to get in July 2021 now.

Cod Mobile Medal
Take a look at the easiest COD Mobile medals to get as of late.

5. Berserker

In the multiplayer mode of COD Mobile, it is quite seamless to score kills with a decent weapon. Beginners can also score 3 kills at least without dying if they survive opponent fire while taking appropriate cover.

Hence, any player is able to gain the Berserker medal multiple times only with a little effort on survival.

Berserker medal is not hard to obtain; all that you can do is to get 3 kills straight without dying.

4. Bull's Eye

How to get Bull’s Eye medal is also among the easiest trick in Call of Duty Mobile currently. You can score one of them by defeating a foe with a Hunter Killer Drone.

This mission is much easier than it sounds as everybody can score kills correctly by randomly launching the drone to the sky. However, ensure that you earn 650 in-game points at least in order to unlock the scorestreak.

Bullseye Medal Cod Mobile
The Bull's Eye medal in COD Mobile is among the easiest to get.

3. Blindman

Players can earn Blindman in COD Mobile’s BR mode after obtaining a shooting accuracy of less than 10 percent. The medal can be acquired via misfiring and randomly shooting in the air.

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There is no easier way to get a medal than this.

2. Worm

Going prone for 180 secs at least in a BR match and players will be able to earn Worm medals in COD Mobile. For this very purpose, buildings along with other camping locations can be employed when you watch out for the opponents.

Worm Medal
Worm medal can be obtained in Battle Royale matches.

1. Marathon

This medal comes first when it comes to the easiest COD Mobile medals to get. Players only need to run over 2000 meters in the Battle Royale match. In detail, they should land on one of the map’s edges and begin running until reaching the 2000 mark.

Also, remember that players cannot get a BR medal via the game’s Warfare mode.

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