COD Mobile uses the medal system as a way to keep track of players' achievements and progress. On top of that, several missions also require certain medals to complete. However, acquiring these medals isn't always that easy. While some take no time at all to obtain, others will cost you real effort.

Cod Mobile Br Class Guide
Collect medals to complete various missions and obtain free rewards.

One of the most notoriously challenging medals in COD Mobile is the Longshot. Your only objective is to kill enemies from long range. Sounds easy enough? Well, think again. If you grind this medal with Sniper Rifles, it's a piece of cake. But what about when you have to do it with SMGs and Assault Rifles?

So, how you can secure the Longshot medal without breaking a sweat?

How to acquire Longshot medal in Season 6 of COD Mobile? 

Of course, the easiest way to kill your enemies in Call of Duty: Mobile is with an accurate shot. That puts an emphasis on your scope. Without a scope, your range of vision and aim is terribly short. Without a scope, you may eat through the whole magazine but not landing a single bullet. So, cut the hassle and throw on a scope.

Vertical Recoil Of Cod Mobile
Build your gun right!

Getting the Longshot medal with SMGs is the most challenging. These guns simply aren't built for long-range combat. So, in order to make things easier, you will need to compensate with an appropriate Gunsmith loadout. Try to reduce as much recoil as possible to increase the accuracy.

Also, you will need some know-how to acquire the Longshot medal. This may sound like a cheesy tactic, but camp on the respawn site. Find a corner, scope in, and wait for your prey to come passing by. To speed things up, use the UAV scorestreak and gather intel on enemy locations.

Why do you need Longshot medal in COD Mobile?

Aside from completing Seasonal and Featured events, COD Mobile players also need the Longshot medal for the Completionist Camo. To unlock this shiny gold camo, you have to obtain multiple longshots kills with specific weapons.

The Gold camo is a must-get if you wish to unlock the Damascus and Diamond camos. These are currently the top-tier camos available in COD Mobile. If you're looking for something that will drop your friends' jaws, get the Damascus and Diamond camos.

Damascus Camo Cod Mobile
Unlock the Damascus Camo and show it off to your friends.

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