Seasonal events are gold mines for F2P players in COD Mobile. They have a chance to unlock free cosmetics and epic blueprints for weapons, also for free. But sometimes, there will be a bump in the road. Several missions are challenging to complete, hence, players tend to get stuck there for a while.

In the current events, it's the Deadshot Medals in COD Mobile Battle Royale challenges. To acquire this medal, players have to kill at least 5 players with headshots in Battle Royale mode.

Cod Mobile Squad
Here's how to land more headshots in the game!

However, to complete exclusive Battle Royale challenges, players are often required to earn some rare medals like Worm medal. Another is the Deadshot medal. To get the Deadshot medal, players need to kill 5 or more players with headshots.

In multiplayer, getting headshots are easy with the help of Shock-RC. Things are different in Battle Royale. Without any good loot and equipment, your journey to complete the mission is nearly impossible. So, what are the tips that could save you from this trouble?

#1 Slow The Enemies with Trap Master

Trap Master class comes in handy in this situation. Traps will eat right through enemies' heath bars and all that's left is to finish them off with a clean headshot. This will also be an easy task since the enemies are slowed by the traps. However, none of this will work if the traps catch nothing. So be sure of where you set them up.

Hazmat Soap Skin In Cod Mobile
Stay stealthy, lay traps, and wait for prey.

#2 Play Snipers

Sniping away from afar is another great strategy to secure headshots in COD Mobile Battle Royale. But this doesn't work every time since it relies largely on loot. If you happen to come across a 6x or 8x scope, use it to aim and kill!

Cod Mobile Sniper Only Limited Time Mode Playlist
Snipe your way to victory.

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#3 Aim Higher

The most effective way to get more headshots in COD Mobile Battle Royale is actually to better your aim. A nice little trick is to aim higher than the head. If you encounter a bot, take your time, and set up for the perfect shot. Knocking down an enemy then finish them off with a headshot is another great way.

Call Of Duty Nickname Cover Art Min
Just like with your hope and dreams, always aim higher in COD Mobile!

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