COD Mobile always knows how to engage its players with constant challenges and events. So far, Season 5 has been a blast, even for F2P gamers, with tons of free cosmetics and weapon blueprints. If you're ever bored of the Multiplayer mode, there's always Battle Royale on the side.

Call Of Duty Nickname Cover Min
Camp to win!

In fact, to entice players to play this mode, COD Mobile has even introduced its own set of medals. Some of them are easy to pick up, others, well, not so much. For example, to earn the highly coveted Worm Medal, you must CAMP on Isolated map.

Worm Medal in COD Mobile

The Worm Medal will be unlocked when players are prone for more than 180 seconds. That's 3 whole minutes in a Battle Royale match. Doing so might not seem difficult, but you will feel like time's freezing. Things are even harder for players who love to push and rush. Just sitting there doing nothing is simply brutal for them.

Worm Medal
You will unlock the Worm Medal after staying prone for 3 minutes in BR mode.

Also, enemies can always spot you prone and send you straight to the lobby. So, is there any easy way to get this medal in COD Mobile?

How to get Worm Medal in COD Mobile?

Here are a few tips that may help you secure the Worm medal in Battle Royale mode:

#1 Play in Duo

When you play BR in Duo, you can divide the tasks between two players effectively. One can stay prone while the other takes on guard duty. Squads may also work, but we don't think laying outside as a group sounds like a good idea.

Cod Mobile Guns
Don't lay as a squad, unless you wish to be found.

#2 Drop on Hot Zones

There are different high-tier loot zones, or hot drops, in every Battle Royale match. The plan is to land on a hot zone, loot, fight, and stay prone there for 3 minutes. This may sound simple, but it's actually very risky. High-tier loot always attracts many players, which means you may get knocked down right off the bat.

Cod Mobile Br
High-tier loot zones are always full of enemies.

#3 Trap Master Rules

A lot of Trap Master class' gameplay revolves around camping and waiting. It's perfect for the Worm Medal. You should locate a double-story compound and camp down on the upper level. Lay traps in the doors, stairs, and below windows, then wait for your chance to strike.

Best Guns In Cod
Try Trap Master out! It's fun.

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