Call of Duty Mobile has maintained its niche as one of the best-selling mobile games in the world. Apart from the top-tier gameplay, it offers players a wide array of weapons to use. From sniper rifles, assault rifles to submachine guns, you just can’t go wrong with their weapon choices.

Amongst all, submachine guns, or SMGs, have really impressive firepower and fire rate. While players can remain puzzled about which SMG would evaluate their game experience, we have gathered the list of best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile in Season 5 to help them have a more thorough decision.

Call Of Duty Nickname Cover Art Min
Sub-machine guns are fearful weapons in close to mid-range fights.

1. QQ9

What is the best SMG in COD Mobile? QQ9 belongs to the S-tier when it comes to the most recommended submachine gun in the game. It has brutal damage and an insanely fast fire rate, which together creates the quickest TTK weapon for close-range combats.

QQ9’s recoil is controllable, making it equally ideal for mid-proximity. With the right attachments and perk class, players’ mobility when using also becomes extremely fast.

The QQ9 kind of resembles the classic HGK MP5.

2. Pharo

Talking about damage, we can’t overlook Pharo. It is in fact the best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile in that regard.

The gun is especially good in close quarters fights while can also be lethal in mid-range ones. Its damage, accuracy, fire rate, and range are respectively 49, 49, 68, and 43. Thanks to its mobility, the Pharo is favored by a plethora of gamers.

Pharo Cut Wave Camo Ingame
There's the new Pharo Cut Wave Camo that you can claim for free.

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3. PP19 Bizon

The third best sub-machine gun Call of Duty Mobile 2021 is the PP19 Bizon which has a fast fire rate, intense damage, and top-rate accuracy. Meanwhile, its mag is massive which does justice to multiple kills, defense or capture hardpoint. Close to mid-range also poses no problem to this gun as its recoil is very low.

Pp19 Bizon
The PP19 Bizon has an insanely large magazine.

4. RUS-79U

RUS-79U is touted as the best gun to use in COD Mobile Season 5 thanks to its fast fire rate, high damage, and amazing accuracy. It is indeed a very balanced weapon for players. RUS-79U is a great backup for close and mid-range with supported low recoil control.

5. Razorback

It has an aesthetic look while also gives you an edge in combat, what's more, to ask in a pretty and dangerous gun, right? Razorback boasts an accuracy of 49, damage of 42, a range of 43, and a fire rate of 75. As a matter of fact, this weapon is only a notch away from Pharo. While they can aim equally accurately, both have superior fire rates and range, Razorback remains more feeble due to the lack of damage.

Razorback Cod Mobile
Check out the Razorback's edgy look.

6. GKS

Despite not looking like a grander one, GKS is a must-try in the list of best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. In actuality, many pro players have opted for it as their superior weapon. While it appears simple, the accuracy it offers when aiming the sights down is not bad at all.

Its accuracy, damage, fire rate, and range are 62, 43, 60, and 50, respectively. The GKS is also awe-striking when it comes to mobility and high accuracy from a mid-range. Putting all these pros together and we have one of the best guns for COD players in Battle Royale.

Gks Cod Mobile
The GKS falls off the meta a bit in Season 5.

7. QXR

The best sub-machine gun Call of Duty Mobile 2021 is definitely QXR. It owns decent damage of 38, a mag size of 50, amazing accuracy, great precision, and extremely meteoric burst fire speed. This gun is recommended for every low-proximity combat.

A Call of Duty player will commonly discover these boys in a rare section.

Qxr Cod Mobile
An updated version of QXR in COD Mobile from Jokesta on Youtube

8. HG 40

HG 40 will also be a decent choice for the title of the "best Sub Machine gun Call of Duty Mobile 2021".

Being an entirely automatic gun available in the game, it owns a medium fire rate and recoil. Also, it gives the best performances at close to medium distance. Visual-wise, the gun resembles the legendary MP 40 in earlier versions.

Same as other SMGs, it has considerable damage and poses as a flawless weapon for gun and run play. If used appropriately and equipped with proper attachments, it can come in extremely handy and quickly take down your opponents.

Codm Hg 40 Ingame
The perfect weapon for "run and gun".


Another great close-proximity sub-machine gun you must not miss is the MSMC. Apart from moderate recoil and a really fast rate of fire, the gun also has good damage. Although its damage may fall off during mid-range encounters, it is still worth an attempt in the game.

This is the Mini Uzi of COD Mobile.

10. Fennec

The last but not least automatic SMG in COD Mobile that we highly recommend players to use is Fennec. It possesses good recoil control and an exceptionally fast rate of fire. This is the reason why Fennec is a perfect choice for close-range combat.

Fennec Cod Mobile Season 11
Let's not forget last season's S-tier weapon: the Fennec.

That's the full list with every best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile in Season 5. Which gun is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below. For more information, tips, and tricks on Call of Duty: Mobile, visit our website at

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