The Hades light machine gun is the latest addition to COD Mobile's weapon roster. Players can unlock this gun after reaching level 21 in the new Battle Pass in Season 7 of the game: Elite of the Elite. This LMG offers high accuracy and great handling, making up for its lack of damage stats.

Hades Lmg Best Gunsmith Codm Season 7
Season 7 of COD Mobile brings us a new weapon.

However, with the right attachments, you can boost the power of the Hades LMG much higher. Here's the best Gunsmith loadout for the Hades LMG in COD Mobile.

What Does The Hades LMG Need?

COD Mobile Season 7 has added the Hades light machine gun as its newest weapon. We highly recommend completing the Battle Pass to get this LMG as soon as possible. Regarding its stats, the Hades has really good accuracy and recoil control.

Hades Lmg Best Gunsmith Game
The new Hades is here.

The thing it lacks the most is damage output. Its damage per shot is in the lower half of the light machine gun class. To fill this damaging gap, levels and the right attachments are of great importance. That's when you need to customize your weapon with Gunsmith.

Best Attachments For Hades LMG In COD Mobile Season 7

Of course, you can build a gun in various ways according to your style. However, the build should always highlight the weapon's strengths and cover its weaknesses. In the case of the Hades LMG, you will want to focus on fire rate, mobility, and additional capacity.

Here's an example build with the best attachments possible:

  • Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Firm Grip Tape
  • Stock: Agile Stock
  • Laser: Aim Assist Laser
  • Ammunition: 84 Round Hybrid Mag
Hades Lmg Best Gunsmith New
Can you recognize all these guns?

One of the most important attachments for Hades is the Rapid Fire Barrel. It's simply because the fire rate boost will make up for the low damage per shot while not affecting the control. The Firm Grip Tape allows you to have a faster ADS speed and higher ADS bullet spread accuracy. Mobility is increased and accuracy is enhanced.

Hades Lmg Best Gunsmith Full
Build to win!

An Agile Stock will have the same effect as the Grip Tape, and that's the general theme for this Hades loadout. The more mobility, the better. ADS bullet spread accuracy is once again the goal of the Aim Assist Laser. The weapon will be laser-accurate with all three attachments.

Finally, we cap off with the 84 Round Hybrid Mag for additional round capacity on the new light machine gun in COD Mobile Season 7.

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