The COD Mobile Season 7 is now up and going. New content has gone live, ready for you to test it out. There are new operators, weapons, and a Battle Pass to grind. On top of that, new Seasonal Events are available. In the first week of Season 7, you can have the chance to unlock the exclusive epic blueprint of the Type-25 assault rifle: the Moonlight Rime for free.

Moonlight Rime Type 25
There's a new camo for you to claim for free!

Here's what you need to know.

How To Get Epic Type-25 Moonlight Rime Blueprint For Free

This new Type-25 camo blueprint is available as a reward in the 'Royale Specialist' Seasonal Event. In order to complete this challenge, players must play the Battle Royale mode. You need to drop on the Isolated map to finish the mission and unlock the Type-25 Moonlight Rime blueprint.

Check out the missions that you will need to complete here:

  • Play 3 Battle Royale matches
  • Glide 200 meters in Battle Royale matches
  • Travel 1000 meters with a helicopter in Battle Royale matches
  • Use Clown Class 10 times in Battle Royale matches
  • Pick up a customized weapon in Battle Royale 3 times
  • Kill 8 enemies with a customized weapon from your loadout
  • Enter top 10 in Battle Royale 3 times
Moonlight Rime Type 25 Ingame
Complete the missions below to get the blueprint.

This Royale Specialist event is available until the end of the season 7. Hence, there's more than enough time for you to grind the missions in the sweaty Battle Royale lobbies of COD Mobile. And according to the Season 7 leaks, this is only the beginning. We're definitely getting more in Season 7.

Moonlight Rime Type 25 Skin
Let's take a look at the new camo.

Type-25 Assault Rifle In COD Mobile Season 7

We highly recommend you grind the Seasonal Events for the Type-25 Moonlight Rime blueprint as soon as possible. The reason is that the Type-25 assault rifle is currently in meta. It receives a massive buff at the beginning of Season 7.

In fact, Activision has done a great job balancing the weapon scene in Season 7 of COD Mobile. However, the Type-25 AR still performs a tad better than other counterparts thanks to its recent buff. It now may be strong enough to compete with the dominating SMGs like the QQ9 and MX9.

Moonlight Rime Type 25 Stats
Here are the stats.

Nonetheless, players should not skip the chance to get free items from the game. More importantly, the Type-25 Moonlight Rime blueprint is exclusive. You won't see it for a long time once it's gone. So, make sure you get the camo before the season concludes.

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