The bad luck of PUBG Mobile in India actually becomes the opportunity for other game titles but out of all, Call of Duty: Mobile is undoubtedly the best pick to fill the gap. However, like a bunch of shooter games out there, sometimes you get into trouble with ‘ping’ in COD Mobile. Let’s read on and take a closer look at this problem.

Cod Mobile Ping
Sometimes you get into trouble with ‘ping’ in COD Mobile.

What is Ping?

If you used to play online games, ping may be no longer something unfamiliar to you. Technically speaking, ping is the network latency (aka ‘lag’) between your computer and other computers, including both other players' computers and the game servers.

In other words, ping mainly refers to the delay between your in-game actions and the corresponding registrations on the game servers. The bigger the ping number is, the more lagging your gameplay will be.

How to lower ping in COD Mobile?

First things first, a stable and fast internet connection is the premise of how to have a low ping. That said, your ping is somehow still so high despite that you have a quality connection in hand. If you’re stuck in such a case, feel free to give the following solutions a try.

Cod Mobile Reduce Ping
Your ping is somehow still so high despite that you have a quality connection in hand. But why?
  1. Turn off “Auto-updates” on your device.
  2. Close unnecessary background apps.
  3. If an app takes up too much network resources, it’s time to force close it. You can head over to the Settings menu, then Application Manager to do so.
  4. Scan for malware or any other virus on a regular basis, especially when your handset is running Android OS. Many types of smartphone viruses are often caught causing network issues and high ping.
  5. Connect to the nearest server of the game from your current location.

Should we use third-party apps to lower ping?

In addition to some steps mentioned above, you can also reach out to third-party apps like Mobile Gaming Ping or LSpeed to reduce ping. It’s worth noting that you should not expect too much from them as they only perform the same things we’ve already said to ease the network load and lower ping.