The young heroine of Netflix's Animated series Hilda, now journeyed across the land of Trolberg. That's the mythical land with so many wondrous creatures. Our blue-haired heroine was assigned with a task: find and document all creatures in Trolberg. And that also is the ultimate goal for our latest game: Hilda Creatures!

Hilda Creatures is a casual game based on the Netflix Animated series Hilda. On this game, you will put down items to attracts creatures from all over the land of Trolberg. This kind of gameplay sound familiars, right?

Hilda Creatures

Of course, it's familiar, since it's exactly the gameplay of Neko Atsume, the popular cat-collecting game from Japan. Although the game has simple gameplay, its cuteness is the main attractive point, which makes Neko Atsume becomes one of the most popular games on mobile devices. And Hilda Creatures is a game aims to do exactly that: bring some small fun times to players with simple gameplay and cute graphics. Except that we don't have little cats in this game, instead, we got all sorts of imaginative creatures.

What kind of item you placed, and where you place it, will decide what kind of creatures appear.

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Because of that reason, Hilda will have the ability to travel to other interest points to put her items there. She can travel to the city of Trolberg or wanders out to the surrounding wilderness.

All the creatures will be recorded on the Friendship Book, the little notebook that Hilda owned. In the notebook, you will find the name, images of the creatures, along with their personality, their liking, and all their disliked stuff. When you have become the creatures' friend, you can even take pictures with them, and share the pictures with your friends.

You can see the game in action on the below Trailer:

Hilda Creatures is available for free on the Apple App Store!