From developer Booming Games and global publisher “MY.GAMES”, the open-world free-to-play medieval tactical MMO title Conqueror’s Blade is o now available. Since earlier this week, the game has entered open beta, allowing aspiring warlords everywhere to take their chances for free in this vast open-world title.

Conqueror's Blade Open Beta Announcement Screenshot
Conquerors Blade Open Beta is out now!

At the moment, all players are welcome to register for the game and take the first steps towards an epic saga of their empire. For now, let's take a look at the open beta trailer of Conqueror's Blade.

Conqueror's Blade overview

Stepping into Conqueror’s Blade, a huge medieval world awaits. Here, players will then create their own warlords from 10 different classes and head out to prove their might.

Conquerors Blade Open Beta Announcement Screenshot
Conqueror's Blade features a huge open-world waiting for you to discover.

In Conqueror’s Blade, players have to create a mighty army, out-smart their enemies in territory wars to climb up the leaderboards.

Key features

Conqueror’s Blade features the following components:

  • A vast battlefield to master: Unlock devastating weapons alongside powerful armies as epic 15v15 online battles await. Also, you can order your army in real-time, master the strategies and overwhelm your enemies towards victory.

Conqueror's Blade Open Beta Announcement Screenshot
Give orders to your army in real-time with suitable strategies to overwhelm your opponents.

  • A legendary warlord to create: Design your conqueror and customize them to your favor. In fact, there are 10 powerful classes too choose from, each comes with special abilities, styles and their own pros & cons. So, what are you waiting for? Mount up, wield your weapon and lead your army towards the battlefield right now!

Conqueror's Blade Open Beta Announcement Screenshot
Create a warlord with the special abilities that fits your fighting style.

  • Open-world strategic tactics: Your power and influence matters as Conqueror’s Blade requires the best fighting strategies. As you discover the world, don’t forget to gather resources, initiate trades. You’ll need them to build and establish your castle, your army and your empire.
  • An ecosystem by players: Conqueror’s Blade owns a huge community with warlords all over the world. Therefore, join Houses to form mighty alliances, secure your territories and war spoils. Remember, work together, not against each other to reshape the world to your interest.