World of Kings is a brand new autoplay MMORPG on mobile, and depending on how you feel about the genre, it will either satisfy or disgust you.

The most prominent features of this new title are its extensive races and classes. There are 4 races and a whopping 9 classes for you to choose to play as, each of which can be upgraded to one of three “advanced” version later on. On top of that, the graphics are stunning – rivaling that of many games on consoles – and World of Kings is also taking steps away from the pay-to-win model that has plagued the mobile MMORPG genre for so long.

World of Kings Gameplay Trailer

World of Kings is moving away from pay-to-win

Before you get too excited, let’s clarify: You’ll probably still need to put in a bit of cash at some point. Yes, this game is less greedy than most others thanks, in no small part, to a cash shop that offers cosmetic items instead of overpowered (and overpriced) weapons.

However, you’ll also quickly notice that there’re 3 separate subscriptions that you could pay for, each of which provides different bonuses. We have mixed feeling about this. On the plus side, you have the option to subscribe only for what you need and don’t have to pay too much for the whole package. On the minus side, all 3 are pretty expensive, and we’re not sure yet how important they’ll be in the later parts of the game.

World Of Kings Classes
Several classes and races to choose from

The early game has been pretty easy for us. So far we haven’t encountered any trouble fighting through dungeons and completing quests, and all the loot we’ve picked up on the way are more than adequate. Still, a lot of freemium games are easy until you hit the “paywall”, so we’ll have to wait and see.

We also have to take a moment to praise World of Kings for just how gorgeous it is. Clearly, the graphics are one of the strongest points of this game, and the developer doesn’t waste any opportunity to show that off. The camera is always panning across the sweeping vistas, allowing us to see all the highly-polish details.

World Of Kings Graphics
A stunning world with console-quality graphics

Not only that, but this level of polish also extends to character models and animations as well. Yes, look isn’t everything when it comes to the quality of a video game, but so far, we’re loving it!

There is still autoplay, but at least there is a small improvement to shake things up

Battles are automatic, as is the norm for these kinds of games. There’s a mechanic we appreciated, though: While auto attacking, you can set a skill priority. Usually in MMORPGs, the character will follow a specific skill order premade by the game, so being able to create our own rotation is pretty cool.

As mentioned, the animations are solid as well, and the effects are not ridiculously over-the-top like in many other games. This gives combat a more realistic feeling. You can appreciate the action instead of getting dazzled by a screen full of colors and explosions.

World Of Kings Arcane
The effects of abilities are not too over-the-top

There’s nothing much to discuss about the story, though. It is just the same old cliché “the world is in danger, only you can save it” mumbo-jumbo that you’ll probably end up skipping for the most part to get back to the action. Still, the vast majority of games in this genre are like that, so I guess you can’t expect too much in this aspect.

All things considered, World of Kings is a decent addition to the mobile MMORPG genre. Yes, it probably won’t convince someone who’s already skeptical to change their mind, but the stunning graphics, massive variety of classes, and low pay-to-win levels might appeal to fans.