If you’re like many people, you can spare thirty minutes to queue up for free pizza at a new joint. It doesn’t matter that you hate long lines and you can afford pizza. But when it’s free, wasting a few minutes doesn’t feel like a bad idea.

Online casinos also offer freebies from time to time. And they don’t involve snaky queues or standing in cold weather. Instead, you can get free spins and bonuses even without depositing money into your account. Here’s how.

Grab Registration Bonuses

Also called no deposit bonuses, you get a bonus for creating an account at an online casino, like Dreamz, for example. There are no hidden agendas—you provide your email address, state your name and set up an account with a unique password.


After that, you’re directed to a section where you activate your no deposit bonus. Truth be told, don’t expect VIP money for these rewards. It’s usually a small gift—10 free spins on a popular slot or $20 on a table game.

That’s alright, though. No deposit bonuses help you play casino games and even win money without depositing. And isn’t that what you’re after?

Claim Bonuses for your Loyalty

So, you want to play casino games even when your account balance is zero? Become a loyal customer at a generous website. Usually, that means depositing and playing slots or card games regularly.

And in doing so, you earn loyalty points you can redeem later for bonuses. The goal is to accumulate as many points as you can, because it also helps you to climb the VIP ladder. After you move several levels upwards, you could earn up to 50 free spins on your favorite slot machines.

Or you could receive cash prizes or bonus money to play live dealers like poker, blackjack and roulette. Note: Many loyalty bonuses with few or no wagering requirements. So, you could grab your weekly 50 spins and use them to win money you can withdraw instantly.

Log into your Account for Bonuses

This is perhaps the easiest way to claim casino bonuses. No need to provide your email address or phone number. And no, you don’t have to deposit money. Instead, some casinos award you bonuses for doing nothing more than logging into your account.


Why do they do it? The online casino industry is competitive. As such, some businesses take extreme measures to keep their customers loyal. Similar to no deposit bonuses, you don’t receive a lot of cash for these bonuses.

You could receive ten free spins every time you log into your account on Tuesdays. Or you could get a chance to spin a wheel of fortune whose rewards are free spins, bonus money or Amazon vouchers.

Request a Bonus on your Birthday

Everyone deserves a gift on their birthday, and casinos understand that. Some operators give you an incentive on your important day even before you ask for it. In the usual style, you receive free spins or bonus to play your favorite games.

The best casinos let you play their games for free—without asking for a deposit. In fact, they could also allow you to cash out money from their bonuses without wagering requirements. Such sites are hard to find, but not non-existent.

Your birthday aside, there are days when you could also receive bonuses without depositing. On Independence Day in the US, Christmas everywhere or January First, most casinos will usually give you an incentive to play and win real cash from their games.

Engage in Tournaments for Bonuses and Cash

There’s something trending at many online casinos these days—Gamification. It means engaging customers through game-like activities. For example, an operator might challenge players to play a famous slot. And then it rewards top earners.

Precisely, winning the most money could earn you an extra $1000. On the flip side, top ten players get smaller cash rewards or bonuses. In many cases, you need money in your account to compete in these tournaments.

But if you’re lucky to win a bonus in the process, it can help you play more games without funding your account. As mentioned, quests and tournaments also give you the chance to win money you can withdraw immediately.

Bonuses after a Deposit

We know—this isn’t exactly what you want. But casinos are businesses. And so they don’t always give you free money. Instead, they challenge you to make a deposit and get a reward. The minimum amount required for a bonus is small: $10 or $20. And the incentive you receive can be a 100% to 200% match on your money.


If you deposit $50, you get an extra $50 as a bonus. If you deposit $1000, you receive $1000 to double your casino balance. Although you have to spend money for this bonus, it can help you increase your profits or at least play a variety of games without using your real money balance.

Deposit-based bonuses are the most common offers at online casinos. Many of them come from safe and secure websites. However, ensure you read the terms and conditions of a bonus beforehand. It’s the only way of knowing the value to expect from a bonus.

Refer your Friend to your Favorite Casino

This is a no brainer—you ask your friends to join your favorite casino. And then you get money working remotely, usually after they deposit and play their first game. Casinos reward marketing in different ways. One company could award you 40% of the losses made by someone you referred. Others give you bonuses.

Naturally, you want a casino that pays you cash for marketing. That way, you decide whether you use your money to play games or withdraw it. That said, casino marketing can be profitable.

Think about it. Some people spend thousands of dollars gambling. And if you get paid every time they lose, it could be a lot of money over time. Even if you’re paid 10% from someone’s losses, it could add up quickly depending on how many customers you acquire every month.