The history of MU Origin is a pretty complicated one. Since the game was released a few years back, developer Webzen has clearly put a lot of effort into polishing its fantasy universe. Right now we’re already at version 7.0

MU Origin 2 strives to make the transition as fluid as can be. It mostly sticks to the gameplay formula established by its predecessor and focuses on delivering the smoothest experience possible.

You start out by picking a character from 3 familiar options: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. And then you’re ready to go, interacting with various NPCs to receive quests.

MU Origin 2 Launch Trailer

Once you’ve accepted a quest, your character will automatically head toward the desired area. And if you have auto-battle active, you’ll also start hacking and slashing away at mobs once you get there before returning for the reward.

This model is applied to the majority of the story quests, as well as several non-story ones. Meanwhile, there are a wide variety of other activities for you to participate in, such as upgrading your gear, making purchases at the Auction House, or joining dungeon raids. As with many other games of this genre, the quest system exists to introduce you to the various gameplay features.

Autopilot engaged

Quests follow the usual “kill a certain number of this monster” recipe, and since your character is fully capable of doing that all by themselves, you can just accept a bunch of quests and then put your phone down and watch the whole thing unfold, or, you know, go do other things.

Mu Origin 2 Autoplay
Plenty of autoplay

Outside of combat, many of the housekeeping elements are also streamlined to minimalize the amount of effort you have to put in. For example, when you pick up and item, a timed button will appear on the screen, and you can just tap on it to equip that item immediately. Not only that, but you can easily transfer any enhancement you have on your previous item over too.

While MU Origin 2 relies quite heavily on autoplay, you’ll still have to get involved if you want to make any real progress – especially when you get to a certain level.

Mu Origin 2 Gameplay
You'll still have to get involved at some point

Yes, getting to level 100 is a piece of cake. Basically you just have to accept the quests that appear on the left side of your screen and level up your abilities. At level 150 or so, though, things will start to get a bit more complicated. The Zen you thought you had more than enough of will start to run out, so you can’t just upgrade every skill and must choose which ones you prioritize most.

You’ll also run into quests that are too high-level to you, and so you’ll have to engage in other activities to get XP.

Spreading your wings

Fortunately, there are tons of events and guild tasks for you to dive into, including Arena, EXP Dungeon, Guild Battlefield, and a lot more. Dungeons are also present in abundance, which you can tackle either by yourself or with a party.

Mu Origin 2 Dungeons
Tons of activities to do

And if you feel tired of all these activities, you can always take direct control of your character and just wander around to explore the game’s vast and diverse world, hunting down sharks and mermaids in Atlans, yetis in Devias, and many other monsters.

These monsters have a decent appearance, too, thanks to the nice 3D visuals and some creative model designs. Unfortunately, the voice acting leaves quite a lot to be desired, and the text is painfully small, even when played on phones with a larger screen.

Still, those are just some minor complaints. At the end of the day, while MU Origin 2 isn’t exactly what one would call revolutionary, it does make for a solid sequel. If you are a fan of the MU franchise, check it out on Google Play or the App Store.