Whether you are a hardcore fan of MU Online from way back in the 2000s or a newcomer who wants to dive into this fantasy universe to see what all the fuss is about, we have good news. MU Origin 2 – the second mobile spin-off of Webzen's massively popular MU series – has now officially launched after a long period of development, offering new ways for you to explore its mythical world.

MU Origin 2 Official Launch Trailer

As with any other MMORPG, before you begin your journey in MU Origin 2, you'll have to create a character and pick a class. There are 3 classes in this game, and if you’ve played a MU game before, you’ll find them incredibly familiar. There is the Dark Knight – an expert of melee combat, the Dark Wizard – who is capable of unleashing devastating magic attacks, and the Elf – who specializes in taking down enemies from afar with deadly arrows.

Muorigin2 Cbt
The game features 3 familiar classes for you to choose from

The fan-favorite Guardian Pet system of MU Origin also returns in this sequel, giving players the ability to recruit a Guardian to assist them in battle. Moreover, MU Origin 2 also features plenty of mounts that you can collect and ride, allowing you to traverse the world more effectively.

In term of gameplay, MU Origin 2 includes the usual content often seen in mobile RPGs such as a story-focused campaign, daily quests, multiplayer boss raids and dungeons, and PvP battles. As a result, you should never want for things to do in this game. A dedicated social system is present as well, so communicating with friends and other players has never been simpler.

Origin 2
MU Origin 2 features the usual MMORPG content, including multiplayer dungeons, PvP, and more

The game is currently up and available on both Google Play and the App Store, so if you are interested, head over there and grab it right now.