Trailer of MU ORIGIN 2

MU ORIGIN 2, the offspring of the legendary game MU Online, will hit our smartphones in South East Asia soon. WEBZEN is the company behind the licensing of the game. Meanwhile, it was Tianma that developed the game and the publishing was handled by GameNow. On the 23rd of November, GameNow has released an astonishing trailer to make a promise that the legend of MU will be back with more beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay experience.

Mu Origin 2 The Return Of The Legendary Mmorpg 01

The fan page

The publisher has opened the game's Facebook fan page to all the fans and players. MU has a special place in the memories of many players, it was the beholder of most of their youth and friendship. The community manager of MU ORIGIN 2 said that they are looking to create more than just a community, but rather a family for all of their fans and players.  With this fan page, they want to recollect memories of MU. But the main objective of this page is to release gameplay of MU ORIGIN 2 and also to schedule events for newcomers and veterans.

Mu Origin 2 The Return Of The Legendary Mmorpg 03

The mission continues

WEBZEN released the original MU Online back in 2003 in Thailand. It has gained enormous sensation and fame since then. More than 10 years later, WEBZEN has given Tianma authorization to develop the first MU Origin. This game brought the PC gaming experience to the mobile platform. It also opened a whole new genre of mobile MMORPG in the market. The quest will never be finished. According to GameNow, the upcoming  MU ORIGIN 2, which was developed by the very same Tianma's team, will re-define and revitalize the whole MMORPG genre. This new title will give the player a new and fresh gameplay on the mobile platform, realistic 3D graphics, smooth and amazing battle experience, various PvP and player-to-player trading mechanic. Mu Origin 2 The Return Of The Legendary Mmorpg 02 They also have revived some of the classics. Players will have the chance to encounter Death King, a classic boss or to explore the iconic Brave mainland.