Many of the great titles that we know and love as of now actually have a history dated back to decades ago. Prominent ones are namely Defense of The Ancient 2 (DoTA2) from Warcraft, Super Mario Bros from the hit Mario series, and of course, the Counter-Strike franchise. Its massive success paved the way for more following installments, including the world-famous CS: GO. Today, we will show you how to play Counter Strike in mobile with a detailed guide. Get ready to indulge in the classic gameplay, packed to your pocket.

About Counter Strike in Mobile

As you may already know, Counter-Strike, or CS, is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game series that revolutionized it all. The game’s basic concept is pretty straight-forward: two teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists engage in gunfights over different objectives. The terrorists attempt to perpetrate an act of terrorism (bombing, taking hostages, or assassination), and the counter-terrorists set out to conclude these schemes. Since the series was first released in 1999, it still manages to retain the iconic gameplay. 

counter strike 1.6 mobile download
The classic CS 1.6 - Are you feeling old yet?

Initially, Counter-Strike was just a mod for the game “Half-Life”, but later was acquired by Valve - who published CS as an independent product. Since then, multiple entries and spin-off titles have been created over the years. CS is undoubtedly among the most popular FPS that many have come to know and love. The latest installment - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attracts an estimated number of 110 lakh players monthly.  

counter strike 1.6 mobile game download csgo
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now free-to-play on Steam

Counter Strike in mobile is a ported version of the all-time classic CS 1.6, released on November 1, 2000. It’s a chance for you to relive the good old times right on your phone. Yes, you heard that right, there’s no need for a PC. “Alibek Omarov” is the developer who ported Counter-strike 1.6 to Android. Thanks to him, now we can all enjoy the exact game but packed to our pocket. You will not experience any recreation or strained-down with Counter Strike mobile version.

How to Download and Install Counter Strike in Mobile

Since it’s not an official modification made by CS developers Valve themselves, you should expect the installation process to be a little tricky. And remember, since only phones that run Android OS can utilize APK apps, this trick doesn’t work for phones running any other OS. With that being said, here’s a step-by-step guide on Counter Strike 1.6 mobile download.

counter strike 1.6 mobile game download
Read on to learn how to download Counter Strike mobile version to your phone
  • Visit Github to download Xash3D and the CS16client to your PC
  • Install Steam and Counter-strike 1.6 on your PC
  • Copy the folders “valve” and “cstrike” from the folder which you just install the game
  • Create a new folder on your desktop and name it “xash”
  • Paste the copied folders as well as the files from Github into “xash”
  • Connect your mobile Android devices to the PC
  • Copy the “xash” folder to your phone
  • Go to your device storage, install Xash3D and Counter-strike 1.6 client
  • Launch the CS client and enjoy the game

How to Control in Counter Strike in Mobile

Counter Strike in mobile is pretty easy to maneuver for a ported version of a game that was made 20 years ago. Since there won’t be the usual mouse or keyboard set up as on PC, every action is represented by a button that appears on your screen. The virtual buttons help to perform actions such as running, shooting, reloading, and buying items from the shop. If you’re familiar with mobile shooting games such as PUBG or Free Fire, you’ll get along with Counter Strike mobile version just fine. 

counter strike in mobile layout
The button layout of CS 1.6 on mobile is quite easy to use

The question is, is Counter Strike in Mobile responsive? Unfortunately, it’s not the smoothest ported game out there. You should expect a bit of laggy gameplay, glitches, after all, CS 1.6 wasn’t made to run on phones. However, you’re not looking at a totally unplayable game where bugs and lags happen all the time. The game is still fun to play, even more so, if you have a “beefy” phone, you may not even experience any delay at all. 

How to Create LAN Servers in Counter Strike in Mobile

What’s better than playing Counter Strike game in mobile? It’s playing with your friends. We can agree that no matter how bad a game is, having friends around to share your experience still brings a whole lot of joy. Not to mention, this is CS 1.6 - the legendary FPS game that many grow up with. So back the main question here, how do you play Counter Strike in mobile with friends? The answer is by using the exact LAN network method that you would with the PC version. 

counter strike in mobile friends
Playing with friends is an integral part of CS experience

To enable the LAN connection, all players must log into the same network. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • All the players join the same Wi-Fi network. This means if you use the identical  IP address, then you can find the CS 1.6 server to join. 
  • One player shares his Wi-Fi hotspot with others to join. This can be done by toggling on the hotspot feature on your phone. However, it may drain out your mobile data quickly since the hotspot directly uses it. 
counter strike in mobile LAN
Invite your friends to join a LAN network and start competing

Once everyone has logged into the network, the competition is almost ready. Just head out and create a lobby as you do normally. Your friends should see it on the server list and join at will. Unfortunately, Counter Strike game in mobile can’t be accessed from different locations using different network addresses. All players must be at the same spot, but, it might create the opportunity for even more fun.

That’s everything there is for now on our guide to Counter Strike in mobile. Download and try out the portable version of the all-time classic FPS right on the go. For more funny news, detailed updates, and insightful guides into the world of gaming, visit our website at