Join the elite team of FBI criminal profilers - Behavioral Analysis Unit - and enter the world Criminal Minds now! Criminal Minds is a brand-new adventure - thriller - crime game inspired by the CBS series TV hit under the same name. Dive in a dramatic mystery of a murder where you are the only one who can solve the case!

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Play ORIGINAL STORIES featuring the current cast of the HIT TV SHOW.

Work alongside familiar faces

You are a new member of the BAU, which includes nothing less than the greatest investigative minds. This body is in charge of solving all criminal cases. Here, you will have a chance to work with all the familiar characters from the show, including Prentiss, Reid, Rossi, Reid, Garcia, J.J. and more. Everyone will team up and solve the most intense cases involving the world’s most brutal serial killers. Don’t miss the experience if you’re a fan of the TV show!

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Lead a team of specialized FBI AGENTS.

Make your way through the cases

Follow the storyline as new cases are waiting for you ahead. At the beginning of a case, you will have to go to different crime scenes to collect clues and evidence. After that, you can advance to narrow down the potential suspects and eventually, solve the case.

Sample analysis and DNA tests will help you progress further and further. Once you gain enough information, use your intuition and find the lawbreaker. However, keep in mind that the cases are time-limited, so don't take too long!

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Start your new investigative career now!

Download Criminal Minds to start your very first investigation. The game is available for both iOS and Android users. The first given case is free, followed by the premium future chapters at the cost of 4.99 USD (Roughly Rs 350). If you are interested, you should get the game right now since this price is only available for a limited time. Find out the truth now as you’re in the center of a dramatic murder mystery - perfect for fans of Criminal Minds!

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Criminal Minds The Mobile Game - available now on both App Store and Google Play.