In this new mobile game game, you are the ultimate Dark Dot, the darkest terrors, and the King of all. Now is your moment to wage war against the other world's elements. Because there can be only one element in existence: the total darkness. Fittingly, it's name is Dark Dot.

This is an shoot'em up formation-based game. All of those adjectives were quite a mouthful, so only need to remember that  basically Dark Dot is a vertical scrolling shooter where you could draw the ship formations on your own using swipe motions.

Command your Darklets

Dark Dot A Unique Shoot Em Up Game With Ship Forma
Darklets are a type of small creatures

You will have the command of a Darklets fleet ( kind of like your minions). Based on what you draw using swipe motions, the Darklets will then move accordingly. Then will follow your drawing whether it be a circle, a square, a dinosaur or a cat.

The most fun part  about this game is changing the formation on the fly to adjust to the situation. It all depends on what you want to focus on. Maybe you want to focus all the Darklets to increase the firing power? Or maybe you would like to spread them out to cover the most ground? It's all up to you.

Dark Dot A Unique Shoot Em Up Game With Ship Forma
You can even use the elemental affinities of the Darklets to boost their effect.

Pay attention that each Darklet in your fleet will have its unique set of abilities and powers. You can even use the elemental affinities of them to boost their effect. For example, there are Fire Darklets that could shoot short ranged flames, and then there are also the Air Darklets who shoot homing projectiles. There are nine elements for you to choose from in total, so the possibilities are truly endless!

Dark Dot is now available for download on both Google Play and App Store for absolutely free. Thus, if you are interested, there is no reason not to give it a try.