Dendro is the latest element to be introduced in Genshin Impact. There is a lot of new information about its elemental reactions that beginners have not known yet. Check them out below.

Dendro can react with three other elements, including Pyro, Electro, and Hydro to trigger seven elemental reactions.

Dendro Reactions
There are seven elemental reactions triggered by Dendro.

#1. Burning

When applying Pyro to an enemy marked with Dendro, it triggers a Burning reaction. This is the first Dendro elemental reaction that Genshin Impact players met in this game when Amber's bunny bomb booms on the grass.

Burning can deal Pyro damage to enemies and mark them with the Pyro auras for other elemental reactions. Based on this reaction, you can build the Melt team of Ganyu using Burning effects.

Burning Reactions
Burning is the earliest reaction of Dendro that you saw in this game.

#2. Quicken

When the Dendro element is applied to the target marked with Electro or inversely, it triggers the Quicken reaction.

  • This reaction does not cause damage to enemies but they will get DMG from later Electro or Dendro elemental attacks.
  • The Quicken reaction can apply Dendro for elemental reactions with Hydro and Pyro, triggering Bloom or Burning. Then, the Quicken reaction will disappear.
  • The duration of this reaction depends on the power (U) of the triggering element.
Quicken Genshin
Quicken is the base reaction for Spread and Aggravate.

#3. Spread

Spread is triggered when you hit the target affected by Quicken with a Dendro attack. Then, the target will get DMG from the Dendro attack.

  • Spread does not make Quicken disappear.
  • The hit enemies will get both the Dendro aura and Quicken effect. Then, you can hit those marked enemies with Electro elemental attacks to cause Aggravate damage to them and refresh the Quicken reaction.
  • The level and Elemental Mastery (EM) of the Dendro character also impact the additional DMG.

#4. Aggravate

When you hit the enemy affected by Quicken, you can trigger the Aggravate reactions. The hit target will get higher DMG from the Electro attack.

  • Aggravate does not remove Quicken.
  • The hit target gets higher Electro DMG by 15% from Electro attacks.
  • The level and Elemental Mastery (EM) of the Electro character also impact the additional DMG.
  • You can use the Swirl reaction to expand the AoE of Electro and trigger the Aggravate reaction to other enemies affected by Quicken.
Quicken Aggravate
You can trigger Quicken-Aggravate reactions on the target marked with Quicken.

#5. Bloom

Bloom is the base of Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions. It's triggered when Hydro attacks hit enemies marked with Dendro Auras and inversely. This reaction creates Dendro Cores on the battleground.

  • In this reaction, Dendro is more powerful; therefore 1U Dendro requires 2U Hydro.
  • There are no more than 5 Dendro Cores on the ground, each core lasts 6 seconds.
  • When the 6th core is created, the first core will bloom and cause DMG to enemies. But it does not mark the enemies with Dendro aura.
  • When the core blooms, it causes damage to both opponents (100%) and your on-field characters and allies (5%) within 5m.
  • The crowd control skill of Anemo characters, such as Venti, Sucrose, Kazuha, Heizou, and the Anemo Traveler, can gather these Dendro cores on the ground.
  • Enemies will get DMG from Dendro core reactions twice every 0.5s.
  • Both enemies and your characters can trigger elemental reactions with these Dendro cores.
Bloom Reaction
Bloom is the base reaction for Burgeon and Hyperbloom.

#6. Burgeon

When your Pyro elemental attack hits Dendro cores on the ground, it triggers a Burgeon reaction. It makes Dendro cores bloom and deal Dendro DMG to surrounding enemies.

  • The Dendro core's bloom causes DMG within 5m.
  • It causes DMG to enemies (100%) and your characters (5%).
  • The DMG of Burgeon depends on the level and EM stats of the Pyro character.
  • Pyro Swirl can trigger Burgeon and the damage scales on the level and EM of the Anemo character.
  • Burgeon neither marks enemies with the Dendro aura nor interrupts your characters and enemies.
Burgeon Genshin Impact
Burgeon deals DMG to both enemies and characters in the AoE.

#7. Hyperbloom

Hitting Dendro cores with Electro attacks triggers a Hyperbloom reaction. Then, it shoots an elemental arrow at enemies to deal Dendro DMG to the hit opponents.

  • The radius of Hyperbloom AoE is 1m.
  • It deals 100% DMG to opponents and 5% DMG to your characters and allies.
  • The DMG of Hyperbloom depends on the level and EM stats of the Electro character.
  • You can Swirl Electro elements to trigger Hyperbloom. The output DMG depends on the level and EM stats of the Anemo character.
  • Hyperbloom does not apply the Dendro aura to the hit opponents.
Hyperbloom Genshin Impact
Hyperbloom is the meta-reaction in Genshin Impact now.

Understanding Dendro elemental reactions helps you use them effectively and accurately. Besides, you can build a strong team based on these elemental reactions.

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