Udumbara Pistil is a limited quest item for a quest chain in the Girdle of the Sands in Sumeru. These hidden flowers are pretty hard for players to trigger and collect pistils. Check out all Udumbara Pistil locations and how to collect them here.

I. Udumbara Pistil Locations

There are six Udumbara Pistils spawning around the Asipattravana Swamp area. You can find them on cliffsides and rock faces around this swamp. Here are the exact addresses of these pistils.

Udumbara Pistil Locations
All Udumbara Pistil locations in the Asipattravana Swamp.
Udumbara Pistil Locations Images
First pistil From the Teleport Waypoint in the west of the swamp, glide east to reach a cliffside with three Fungi under the cliff. The flower root is on the cliff above them, so you have to defeat the enemies to summon Sorush. Location 1
Second pistil Use the Teleport Waypoint in the North of the river, then walk to the cliff side and look down to see the second flower root. Location 2
Third pistil From the second flower, you glide southwest until reaching a dead branch. Stand on it and face the cliffside to see the flower. Location 3
Fourth pistil Use the Teleport waypoint in the south of the river. Face east to see Four-Leaf Sigils. Use them to reach the top of an elevation in the swamp. Location 4
Fifth pistil The fifth one is on a cliffside near the fourth pistil. You stand on the elevation and look around to find the glowing heart-shaped icon. Then, use the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach that flower. Location 5
Sixth pistil From the teleport waypoint in the east, you go through the bridge and head northwest until you see the glowing heart-shaped icon on the cliffside. Location 6

II. How To Get Udumbara Pistils

You have to use the new gadget Sorush to trigger the petals and collect the Pistils. Here's how to get Udumbara Pistils.

  1. Go to a location closest to the heart-shaped icon.
  2. Switch to Sorush.
  3. Control the Sorush and approach the icon.
  4. Press and hold the skill button of this gadget to make the flower bloom.
  5. When you automatically exit the Sorush mode and turn to the original character, climb or glide to the petals and collect the pistils.

As these six pistils spawn closely to each other, you should collect all pistils in one trip. These items will be stored in your inventory.

Udumbara Pistils
Hold the skill button to keep the flower blooming.

III. How To Use Udumbara Pistils

You bring all Udumbara Pistils to the Residual Pari in two Fravashi Trees around the Girdle of the Sands Desert. Each Residual Pari requires three pistils to solve the Fravashi Tree puzzle.

Genshin Impact Feature Trees
Use the pistils to solve two Fravashi Tree puzzles.

One Fravashi Tree is in Asipattravana Swamp, and the other one is in the Northern cavern of Tugini Hollow. Giving these pistils to Residual Pari is a mission in the Pale Fire world quest in this new region.

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