After the massive success of Free Fire, the publishers Garena has gone a step further to introduce the new Free Fire Max 3.0. It’s everything that players love and more. The title brings all the elements of its adored predecessor to a whole new level with dramatic enhancement. There were some complaints about the game’s graphics, saying it would never come close to that of PUBG Mobile. But the tide is turning, and the Free Fire community is so hyped to see the revamped version release. Let’s check out the fundamental changes we’re expecting to see in Free Fire Max 3.0. 

All the Changes in Garena Free Fire Max 3.0

Though the game is still under development, gamers can now tune in the upcoming beta test server of Free Fire Max 3.0 to try it out. Garena will modify it according to the comments that they receive. And as we expected, in the lastest v1.51.6 update, the revamped version of Free Fire has undergone a multitude of changes. The details are as follow:

free fire max 3.0 prepare
Embrace for Free Fire Max 3.0

#1 Enhance Gameplay Quality

So far, we don’t see that dramatic of a change when it comes to mechanics. The gameplay still has the gist and feels similar to the existing Free Fire that we know and love. However, Garena makes some tweaks to the weapons and sounds. They now provide a more natural and realistic handling experience. 

free fire max 3.0 max resolution
Prepare for the battle in max resolution

#2 Interactive Lobby

Garena really tries to go above and beyond to bring a whole new interactive lobby to replace the boring old one. They don’t just change the layout, but the options are also looking so much better. Download and experience this new addition yourself.

free fire max 3.0 old lobby
Say goodbye to the old lobby

#3 Reduced Lags 

Lag is the number one enemy of any player, especially when it comes to multiplayer shooting games like Free Fire. With Free Fire Max 3.0, we can see the dramatic decrease of lags. It feels smooth and engaging after all the attempts from the publishers to completely address the issue. 

free fire max 3.0 lag free
We can really expect a lag-free experience

#4 Enhanced Animation

This is definitely the most significant change when it comes to the new update of Free Fire Max 3.0. Garena has done a really good job in making the upcoming title looks and feels super realistic. Do you notice how choppy the current reloading animation of the AWM is? Well, now it’s gone. Frequent animations such as characters’ running styles have been revamped - giving it a more natural feel. On top of that, they also change some minor animations, like eating mushrooms and using repair kits. 

free fire max 3.0 smooth animation
The animation is so much smoother in Free Fire Max 3.0