Have you ever want to own Dante's coat from Devil May Cry? Not just some "look-alike" coat use for cosplaying, but the true Dante's coat that Capcom used while making the game.

If the answer is "yes", then here is a chance for you to do just that. Of course, only if you willing to pay a lot of money for Capcom.

Currently, Capcom is selling a Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition, bundled with a replica coat from one of the three main characters: Nero, Dante, and V.

The cheapest version is V's Edition, with the price tag of 600,000 yen (which is around 400,000 rupees).

V's coat from Devil May Cry 5

More expensive than that is Nero's version, with the price of 750,000 yen (around 500,000 rupees).

Nero's coat from Devil May Cry 5

And the most expensive version, which is Dante's Edition, with a huge price tag of 900,000 yen (around 600,000 rupees).

Dante's coat from Devil May Cry 5

Capcom's website also features images of a model wearing this coat during the development phase of the game. The coat is then scanned and converted to game data, which were used as resources for artists. That's also the reason why the coat is so expensive because there is only one coat like this in the whole world.

This is the coat used during motion capture of Devil May Cry 5

Which will make you feel like a model, probably

And when considered the fact that Dante will have a hat as his weapon on Devil May Cry 5, maybe you should buy a nice fedora after buying this coat, too. After all, when you are willing to pay a lot of money for this kind of items, paying a little bit more is no problem anymore.

Devil May Cry 5 is available next year on March 8th, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.