Roughly a year ago, when Blizzard first announced the mobile-exclusive Diablo Immortal during BlizzCon 2018, pretty much everybody went insane, shouting and booing about how they wanted D4, not some garbage mobile game. Even though early gameplay footage actually showed a lot of promise, people were just mad about it.

Fast forward to this year’s Blizzcon, there was barely any mention of Diablo Immortal during the main keynote address, and since a new gameplay development video and some additional details about the game were revealed on the down low, they were once again met with anger, but this time, it’s not because Immortal exists, but rather because it has not launched yet. People are just hard to understand sometimes! In any case, you can check out the new trailer of Diablo Immortal below:

Maybe Diablo 4 and its incredibly cool gameplay demo has made fans more tolerant of Immortal’s existence. After all, it was never intended to be a mainline entry of the series, but only a supplementary Diablo experience for mobile users, of which there are billions.

That said, those are complaining about how Diablo Immortal is taking its time do have a point. The game was announced to be basically finished ever since last year’s BlizzCon, so the fact that it still doesn’t even have a release window yet does seem kind of peculiar.

Blizzcon 2019 Diablo Immortal 1 675x380 Aa07_wm
The game still doesn't have a release date yet

Blizzard did reveal several details about the game in a blog post, however. Apparently all classes will have an Ultimate Ability, which can be charged by attacking. There will also be legendary items that alter the attributes of certain skills, such as changing fireballs into… iceballs.

Demonhunter Combat 2 42f6_wm
Classes will have Ultimate Abilities, which can be charged by attacking

Still, the company states that Diablo Immortal has no planned release date as of the moment and refused to give a straight answer when questioned about whether the game would include microtransactions. We do know that it will be available for both Android and iOS, though. Stay tuned for more updates.