Diablo Immortal has 6 classes for players to choose from. As the game is a hack & slash ARPG with a lot of looting, picking the right class at the start would save you a lot of time. In this article, Gurugamer is going to rank all 6 classes in Diablo Immortal so that players can pick the ones they want.

All classes can work if players put a lot of time into it, of course, but some have it easier than others.

1. Crusader - Pure Tank with AoE skill and group buffs

If players want to be useful in both single and multiplayer, Crusader is the number one class to pick. It has the most to offer in all situations.

Diablo Immortal Classes Crusader
Crusader is the best class in Diablo Immortal

Firstly, Crusaders are the best tanks, as they have largest base health pool in the game and a number of defensive skills. While players won't be able to deal high single target damage, they would never have to worry about getting killed. Their damage is of course still enough for players to clear out the story content with ease.

On top of their tankiness, Crusaders' AoE skills are some of the best in Diablo Immortal, with the stun and stall needed for PVP. The class is also great in group play, with a huge number of buffs that allow teammates to deal more damage.

2. Barbarian - Noob friendly melee DPS

If you don't have any preference and just want a class that can do moderately well at everything, Barbarian is your top choice. They have decent AoE ability, good buffs for group play, stun for PVP, and high mobility on top of that. The best part about this class is that it is just easy to play. Players should be able to figure out the Barbarian playstyle fairly early on and use that same strategy to late game content.

Diablo Immortal Classes Barbarian 1024x576
If you want something easy to play, picking the Barbarian is a good option.

The weakness of this class is that it's a melee DPS. Players are going to take some damage regardless of how they play. Barbarians also struggle a bit with single target DPS in late-game content.

3. Demon Hunter - Pure single-target ranged DPS

The Demon Hunter is simply the class with the highest ranged DPS in the game, whose job is to stay behind a tank and dish out damage. While Demon Hunters lack the AOE abilities that many other classes are blessed with, their ability to deal so much damage while staying mobile usually makes up for that shortcoming.

Diablo Immortal Classes Demon Hunter 1024x576
Demon Hunters have great ranged DPS.

They don't offer much team support in group play, but their damage is essential in clearing bosses fast. Their true weakness, however, is in PVP - as they do not have the CC skills and defensive abilities to survive.

4. Necromancer - Easy to play but difficult to master

The Necromancer is a summoner class that creates minions to tank damage while staying behind firing attacks. Overall, they are the best class for solo PVE content in the game, with the ability to both tank and deal damage at the same time. Necromancers are also decent in group content as well, bringing a couple of valuable buffs to the party, and one of the most powerful Ultimate abilities in the game.

Diablo Immortal Classes Necromancer 1024x576
Necromancers can summon minions to tank.

So why wouldn’t you play as a Necromancer? The biggest weakness of this class is that they are mostly immobile. In PVP battles, enemies can close the range or run away fairly easily, with the Necromancer having no surefire ways to deal with the issue. Furthermore, it is not always easy to manage a Necromancer’s minion-based abilities during the heat of a battle or even summon more of them.

5. Monk - Agile melee class that balances damage and support

Monk is a hard class to play, as they are largely dependent on combo attacks and perfectly timed abilities that often require you to “aim” the direction of your skills. However, even with a perfect combo, they still struggle to deal enough damage compared to Barbarians or Crusaders.

Diablo Immortal Classes Monk 1024x576
Monks need to combo to be effective.

Furthermore, they are also rather fragile. This is a bad thing for melee characters, as you would be in the heat of battle most of the time. Players have to utilize their abilities to avoid taking damage, but that's also timing oriented. These two critical weaknesses are the reason this class rank so low on the list.

At least monks are somewhat useful in Group and PVP. A great Monk player will be able to weave in and out of a fight while protecting their teammates, dealing respectable amounts of damage, and occasionally using valuable stun abilities on key enemy targets. These stuns also make them powerful in PVP.

6. Wizard - A fragile spellcaster

The Wizard is certainly the class with the most weakness in Diablo Immortal. While they have powerful AoE abilities that can tear through waves of enemies, Wizards are fairly slow and sucks at taking hits. This means the class pretty much stays at the bottom in PVP.

Diablo Immortal Classes Wizard 1024x576
Wizards are super fragile and need good game sense to succeed. It is the worst class in Diablo Immortal.

As skills have cooldowns, Wizard players are going to have to learn to love reading a battlefield and managing their cooldowns. A bad wizard player often found themselves sitting around doing nothing while waiting for their combo attacks to refresh. As they also lack group buffs, players can't even use them as support in co-op mode.

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