RPG or role-playing games is probably the most popular video game genre ever. New RPGs are released every year on all systems including Android. The best ones, however, are the ports of JRPGs from other systems. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best JRPGs to play on Android in 2022.

1. Final Fantasy VII

Obviously, this is like the cult favorite of the Final Fantasy series, spawning tons and tons of spin-offs, sequels, merchandise, movies, crossovers, and most recently, a full remake. No other Final Fantasy game has had near the success that VII has, and it's not hard to see why.


FF VII can still outclass games put out today, in both story and gameplay. The turn-based combat was nothing new even at its time, but you don't have to be innovative to be good. There's the standard attacking and magic system that everyone's used to, but there are also summons and limit breaks that function as a sort of special move, and you can unlock multiple limit breaks per character by leveling them up and choosing which you prefer.


Even the magic system strayed outside of the bounds of typical mage-play. This system used Materia, which were equipable items, and depending on the materia that you equipped to certain characters, this could give them different magic abilities to use, or certain buffs, or other random attributes that was a cool way to build your character outside of just upgrading your armor and weapon.

2. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest games of all time, a sentiment that has been echoed by many. It's an RPG with a brisk pace, charming characters, and just enough combat and mechanics to feel worthwhile without feeling overwhelming. It's a game that has stood the test of time.

Chrono Trigger

Overall, it is a JRPG without the fat. There’s basically no grinding necessary, there are no random encounters and its core story isn’t not overly long either. The pacing here is perfect as you're constantly thrown into new situations and settings, meeting new characters and fighting new enemies - but the game gives you enough time to soak up each section.

Chrono Trigger 2

Decisions you make in one time period affect later eras in both big (13 different endings) and small ways (NPC attitude changes and side content). The battle system is fluid, quick and dynamic in a way that no RPG from this era (or even the one after) approaches. Everything here is polished to an immaculate sheen; the combat is engaging, the soundtrack is incredible, the characters are memorable, the story is well written and the world is expansive. This game is a clear labor of love and it comes together as one of the most mechanically refined games in its entire genre, with one of the most endearing narratives in video game history.

3. Chaos Ring III

Chaos Rings III is the biggest, most ambitious original J-RPG you can get on Android. With its stunning visuals, a huge amount of content and challenging, turn-based combat, the game can give players a one-of-a-kind experience.


This entry gets a lot of hate from fans for being too different from what the previous Chaos Rings games were about, but it is still very much a great game in its own right. The visuals are gorgeous, especially considering the hardware it runs on. Sure, take a closer look at it and you'll find low-res textures galore, but the art style is solid, and since it's displayed on a small screen, low-res textures aren't a bother.

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The battle system is great, and the story is quite fulfilling, with the climax treading crazy territory in all the right ways. Any JRPG enthusiast who wants a decent RPG on their mobile device should nab this game.

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