Back in December last year, shortly before the holidays, developer Marco Pravato from Nex Game Studios quietly launched Arcane Quest Legends onto the App Store. For those who don’t know, the Arcane Quest franchise has had a history of several years on the mobile market, with 3 entries before Legends.

However, all of these previous titles were turn-based strategy, and Arcane Quest Legends was instead a kind of a spinoff with real-time hack-and-slash gameplay. It was clearly made with Diablo in mind and checked a lot of the right boxes with extensive quest and loot system.

Arcane Quest Legends Trailer

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that, unlike the vast majority of mobile action RPG these days, Arcane Quest Legends is not a cheap free-to-play game full of loot boxes and microtransactions.  Instead, it is simply free-to-download, and players can purchase more chapters through IAPs.

That is definitely not a bad thing. Quite the contrary, in fact, as it’s clearly better to just pay up front for a quality product instead of playing a supposedly “free” game but having to spend tons of cash to make any real progress. “Diablo for mobile" is something that many games have touted but only a few have actually delivered. Arcane Quest Legends, though, is pretty close to that definition.

Arcane Quest Legends 1
There is no cheap cashgrab mechanic in this game

This week, the game received an update which adds an entirely new Act 4. Similar to the previous Acts, players can unlock it through an in-app purchase that costs $1.99 (Rs. 140). Alternatively, there is a bundle that allows players to get all Acts just for $3.99 (Rs 275).

The update also includes 3 difficulty levels which players can choose when creating a new game. Basically, the higher the difficulty levels, the more punishing deaths will be.  On the highest difficulty, you can’t even revive.

Several difficulty levels with heavy death punishment

Last but not least, this update also adds plenty of new weapons as well as bug fixes. If you are a fan of Diablo and are sick of all the pay-to-win titles out there, you should definitely give Arcane Quest Legends a try. You won’t be disappointed.