A science team is stuck in the middle of Antarctic after an accident crashed their helicopter, and they soon find out that they’ve got company here in the freezing cold…

Distrust is a horror survival strategy game of a Siberian developer team called Cheerdealers. The original game already came out for PC and guess what, it is heading to mobiles thanks to another company: CMGE Group Limited.

In the game, you are the leader of your research team and can take control of maximum 3 researchers at any given time. Before setting out on any mission, you get to pick your own team of researchers. Each and every one of them has their own special abilities, some can last longer in the cold, some are more skillful when it comes to tools and machines.

Distrust3 2
Pick your team wisely to complete objectives.

Within each mission, the team has to complete a key objective that is different every time. It might require you to create a chemical bomb or to activate all available power generators. Search for provisions and valuable resources to deal with the cold, hunger, fatigue and reckless enemies!

Find those valuable resources to survive.

Apparently, sleeping people in the base will attract mysterious anomalies. Be careful and watch out, since these are the aliens that will absorb the life energy of the team! However, the light somewhat scares them off, so that might be the key to survive. Your job is to lead team members, fight aliens and survive in the harsh weather so as to complete your survival adventure.

Lead your team to safety and complete your survival adventure.

Will you succeed as the team leader or will the aliens drain all your life energy? Will you discover the mysteries of the Antarctic or will you face your end game? Be sure to get Distrust when it comes to App Store on Feb 18, 2019.

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