Let us pick up our swords and master the incredible art of doing spins around in rapid successions until we almost hurt ourselves! Dizzy Knight, just like what its name implies, is a brand-new upcoming sword-spinning game in the action genre that will have you – as you must have guessed from the title – spin around and make your own way through an infinite amount of monsters hordes.

Dizzy Knight spinning

The destination that all Dizzy Knights dreams of attaining is the legendary Spiral Throne, and you as the player must face off against enemies and try to conquer all the challenges that I am sure you must have not seen at all before. If you want to reach and sit on the legendary Spiral Throne, then you must first master all the arts that make a Dizzy Knight strong and resolute.

Maxresdefault 3
The menu of Dizzy Knight

There are three modes in the game Dizzy Knights: Endless mode, Campaign mode, and Advanced mode. When you are playing in the Campaign mode, you will need to complete the journey to the legendary Spiral Throne through simple controls made by touching. The knight will in fact spin by himself. However, you also must time the strikes really well. You can only hit some foes in specific spots, so spin yourself with some finesse.

Dizzy Knight Feature Image 01
Fighting a boss

As you start gaining more experience, the knight will, in turn, learn more special abilities, like the capability to launch some magic missiles from his sword while he is spinning. There are also new weapons that you can either purchase or find to wield, like powerful hammers, brutal axes, etc..

The gameplay of Dizzy Knight

With a whole 40 stages that is spread on four unique worlds, the journey you need to make to get to Spiral Throne will indeed be arduous and hard. However, you must never lose hope and keep on spinning to a sweet victory! The game is now available on Google Play and App Store. Below is a video demonstrating how this game is played:

Dizzy Knight Android Gameplay