Genshin Impact has many characters with special abilities. Some of these abilities are very helpful for open-world exploration. Let's see which character abilities are essential and helpful for open-world adventure here.

I. Best Abilities For Movement

Only half of the whole Teyvat map is unlocked now, but it's still too immense for Travelers to explore. Therefore, miHoYo added special moving talents for many characters to help you traverse distances easily.

#1. Movement on the Ground

  • Ayaka and Mona have Alternative Movement skills to dash quickly. Yelan's elemental skill also lets her dash invisibly and rapidly.
  • Venti and Kazuha can leap into the air.
  • Keqing and Alhaitham can teleport through their skills.
  • Kazuha, Kaeya, Heizou, and Razor can sprint more with 20% Stamina Consumption lower.
Alternative Sprinting Skills
Ayaka and Mona can dash on the ground and water surface with their Alternative Sprinting skills.

#2. Swimming & Diving

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi and Beidou swim with 20% Stamina Consumption lower.
  • Freminet dives and moves underwater with 35% Stamina Consumption lower.

#3. Climbing & Gliding

  • Candace and Xiao climb mountains and trees with 20% Stamina Consumption lower.
  • Amber, Venti, and Collei can glide longer with 20% Stamina Consumption lower.
Venti Is A Glider
Venti is one of the best gliders for gliding challenges and mid-air exploration.

II. Best Abilities For Farming Collectibles

Many Genshin characters help your farming trips easier. Here are all the characters with special abilities for finding materials.

  • Klee and Mika locate nearby materials in Mondstadt.
  • Yanfei and Qiqi can show the positions of nearby materials in Liyue.
  • Tighnari displays the positions of nearby collectibles in Sumeru.
  • Gorou shows the positions of nearby materials in Inazuma.
  • Lyney displays the positions of nearby collectibles in Fontaine.
  • Ningguang can navigate nearby ores all over Teyvat.
Ningguang Navigates Ores
Keep an eye on the minimap.

Sometimes, you have to collect items floating in mid-air while there isn't a high spot for gliding down. The following characters will help you.

  • Zhongli, Albedo, and Geo Travelers can summon a pillar, device, or Geo block for you to climb and reach the floating collectibles.
  • Wanderer has a unique flying skill. He can leap up, hover in mid-air, and glide up while hovering. So, he can easily reach and grab floating collectibles.
  • All Schemes to Know is a special skill of Nahida. It lets her collect a wide range of harvestable items in the surrounding area quickly.
Genshin Impact Zhongli Uses
Zhongli is a must-have character in Oculi farming trips.

III. Best Abilities For Hunting

Hunting is an exciting feature of Genshin Impact. Hoyoverse brought the images and characteristics of many real-life animals into the game. You can also interact with or catch them to raise in the Serenitea Pot editable world. Some characters help you approach these wildlife without startling them, such as Sayu, Yaoyao, Kirara, and Aloy.

Aloy Using Omni Ubiquity Net
Aloy is an excellent hunter.

Those are the best abilities and passive talents of Genshin Impact characters for open-world exploration. Just select the proper playable units for your party based on the purpose and targeted collectibles of your farming trip.

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