Freminet is a new 4-star Cryo character in Genshin Impact. Let's check out the top five common mistakes you should avoid when using this character here. You can also learn some useful tips to optimize the power and ability of Genshin Impact Freminet.

#1. Ignore His Fontaine's Features

Freminet comes from Fontaine, so he has exclusive abilities to explore this nation. Moreover, his Pneuma Arkhe in his elemental skills helps you counter Ousia-aligned bosses and enemies. Don't ignore this element as it's very helpful when you traverse the Hydro Nation.

Besides, Freminet has great diving skills. His Aquatic Stamina Consumption is lower than others' by 35%. Moreover, as a character for the Hydro Nation, Freminet can perform dolphin-jump when leaping out of water which looks very cool.

Freminet Ability
Freminet has special abilities of Fontaine characters.

#2. Build Cryo Rather Than Physical DMG

Many Genshin Impact players often focus on elemental DMG. But Freminet's Physical DMG is more worth investing in than his Cryo DMG. The final hit of his elemental attack combo is the most powerful hit which deals solely Physical DMG to enemies. Therefore, you had better build Freminet as a Physical DPS unit.

Avoid Mistakes When Using Freminet
Focus on his Physical DMG rather than Cryo DMG.

#3. Ignore His Elemental Reactions

Though his best role is Physical DPS, his elemental skill and burst can still trigger powerful reactions, such as Superconduct, Frozen, Shatter, and Melt. This Cryo unit is very useful in dealing with Hydro bosses in the Land of Hydro. He can freeze them with elemental attacks to interrupt their attack combo.

Shatter is the most recommended elemental reaction that Freminet can trigger. This reaction also activates his Ascension passive talent. It boosts his Elemental Skill DMG by up to 40% and increases the output DMG for Freminet and his team.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Freminet can trigger many elemental reactions.

#4. Forget His Main DPS Role

Though Freminet is a 4-star character, his best role is the main DPS. He can deal both Physical DMG and Cryo DMG with his elemental skill. Don't use him as a sub-DPS or supporting unit. His kit is designed for his main DPS role.

  • His elemental skill boosts the Normal Attack DMG;
  • His elemental burst resets the elemental skill CD and reduces this CD by 70%, this effect lasts for 10 seconds.
Freminet Is A Powerful Dps
Freminet is a powerful DPS unit in Genshin Impact.

#5. Ignore Normal Attack

Freminet's normal attacks convey his Skill Damage. It makes his normal attacks very important in his kit. Therefore, you should level up his Normal Attack's Talent Level. Moreover, his Normal Attack is optimal at C3.

It's not hard to reach this constellation level for Freminet in Genshin Impact 4.0. This 4-star character is not as rare as 5-star units. You can reach it by accident while pulling your targeted 5-star character.

Reach C3 To Optimize His Normal Attack
Reach C3 to optimize his Normal Attack.

Try to avoid these common mistakes when using Freminet in Genshin Impact. He will help you explore Fontaine with ease.

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