Genshin Impact 4.6 promises to bring a plethora of playable content like new areas, new characters, new bosses, and new missions. A new character who has been highly anticipated by the Genshin Impact community is Arlecchino, the Knave. Despite being described as part of an antagonist, she is not as vile as she is supposed to be. 

So far, Arlecchino’s voice lines have been leaked on Reddit, expressing her conflicting opinions about her colleagues. For instance, she reveals that Dottore has offered her to work with his experiments, yet she denied it. Even, Arlecchino said that she longs for eliminating him.

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Why does Arlecchino want to kill Dottore?

Arlecchino’s wish to knock Dottore out is quite apparent as he is one of the most offensive characters among the Fatui Harbingers. He’s infamous for his experimentation on humans, especially when he abused and tortured Collei. 

Dottore Genshin Impact
Dottore is one of the most offensive characters among the Fatui Harbingers.

This time, Dottore expressed interest in working with Arlecchino to get test subjects from the House of the Hearth, her orphanage. Through the voice line, Arlecchino discloses that Dottore and the previous Knave also cooperated in this manner. This made her mad and desired to kill him, like the way she did with the former Knave. Even though her thirst for capital punishment is still questionable, it hints that Arlecchino is not entirely vile.

To learn more about Arlecchino’s backstory, you can watch "The Song Burning in the Embers", an animated short film showing her life in the House of the Hearth. The video emphasizes how repulsive the former Knave was. After killing him, Arlecchino assumed control of the orphanage, played the role of a tough “Father” yet really cared about her orphaned children.

Is Arlecchino a Villain in Genshin Impact?

Combining Arlecchino's leaked voice lines with the details unveiled in the official video, it’s clear that Arlecchino is not a villain in Genshin Impact, in spite of her violent nature. Sometimes, she can be brutal to her enemies, yet she is ready to fight for righteousness. To tell the truth, she is more of an anti-hero exemplar rather than a villain.

Arlecchino Genshin Impact
Arlecchino is not a villain in Genshin Impact, in spite of her violent nature.

One more proof, in Genshin Impact, a villain will not become a playable character. It’s the case of the previous Harbinger Wanderer and Fatui Harbingers. Despite their evil nature, they are considered anti-hero archetypes. So is Arlecchino’s case.

One more point to note, a villain will not become a playable character in Genshin Impact. This is evident in the case of previous Harbingers, like the Wanderer and the Fatui Harbingers. Despite their villainous tendencies, they are depicted as anti-hero archetypes. Arlecchino falls into the same category.

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