Xianyun is one of the new names that joined Genshin Impact 5-star characters. Previously known as Cloud Retainer, she has finally become playable. She uses Anemo vision and her special weapon is Catalyst. For those unknown, her skill set also revolves around buffing Plunging Attacks in the game. Here's the best Xianyun build in Genshin Impact if you want to maximize her powers.

Xinayun Skills and Talent Priority

Like other characters in Genshin Impact, Xianyun has 3 active talents that can be upgraded ten times. However, you do not have to invest in everything. The talen priority for Xianyun should be: Elemental Burst > Skill > Normal Attack.

Why should we prioritize her Burst? It's because the skill will decide how much Plunge DMG bonus and healing your team will benefit from. Do yoThe second place is Elemental Skill as it gives multipliers on the last DMG. In contrast, you can look over her Normal Attack unless you are building Xianyun as a DPS.

Xinyan Genshin Impact
Xianyun has 3 active talents that can be upgraded ten times.

Best Xianyun Support Builds

You enter a Cloud Transmogrification state after using the Skill even once, and you don't take any fall damage for its duration. However, the main function of this ability is to provide her Energy for her Elemental Burst, which is the main part of her kit unless you have the sixth Constellation.

You can also increase all party members' Plunge Attack Crit Rate depending on the enemies hit with your Skill.

After using the Elemental Burst, Xianyun constantly heals all party members and gives the team up to eight free Plunge Attacks while also increasing the Plunge Attack DMG. With all this in mind, the main build most players can have on this character is a support build. However, there is a DPS possibility in a very specific scenario.

Artifact Set Viridescent Venerer
Weapons Crane's Echoing Call, Memory Of Dust, Favonius Codex, Oathsworn Eye, Dodoco Tales

Ever since the start of Genshin Impact, one set that has stayed in the meta is the Viridescent Venerer set because of how overpowered it is on an Anemo support unit. It increases Xianyun's Swirl DMG while also decreasing the opponent's RES to the element Swirled by 40 percent. This effect can be applied to multiple elements at the same time.

This is the best in-slot set for Xianyun because of her AoE Anemo application in both the Skill and Burst. While you can also replace this with Noblesse Oblige if you have better pieces, you won't get nearly as much value from the set bonus.

Noblesse provides you with an extra ATK Percent, which is less than the RES shred you get from Viridescent.

Moreover, extra ATK Percent isn't necessarily good for certain DPS characters like Furina or Neuvillette.

Best Xianyun Support Builds Genshin Impact

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As for the weapon, each catalyst mentioned in the table above has its uses in certain scenarios:

Crane's Echoing Call Being Xianyun's signature weapon, this gives her everything she needs to be perfect. With the extra ATK, Energy, and party-wide Plunge ATK DMG increase, you can use it on her without a second thought.
Memory Of Dust This is another great weapon for Xianyun since it can give her a ton of ATK Percent, especially if you're using her with a shielder like Zhongli or Navia's Crystallize shards.
Favonius Codex If Xianyun is the only Anemo character in your party, you'll come across Energy problems with her quite often. Favonius Codex and a bit of Crit Rate can solve these problems.

However, you will need to stack a lot more ATK on her artifacts if you're using this.

Oathsworn Eye Finally, this can be a great weapon for her if you're using her with a battery since it gives her extra ATK and increases her Energy Recharge for a bit after using her Skill.

You can use the battery character's particle generation after using Xianyun's Skill with this to get extra value.

Best Xinayun DPS Build

Artifact Sets Golden Troupe, Desert Pavilion Chronicle
Weapons Kagura's Verity, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, Blackcliff Agate, Mappa Mare, Solar Pearl, Frostbearer

Before diving deeper into this build, it's important to mention that it loses a lot of its value if you don't have Xianyun on constellation six, which is going to be the case for most people. However, you can still give it a shot if you have the right pieces and weapons.

The best way to use this build is by putting a ton of off-field elemental applicators like Xiangling, Furina, Raiden Shogun, or Rosaria in Xianyun's team and then using the Plunge ATK DMG buff from her Ultimate to buff her own attacks while constantly swirling elements.

Off-field characters like Xingqiu or Yelan don't work too well with this build since they need active character's Normal Attacks.

You'll be using Xianyun's Plunge Attacks most of the time here.

If you've taken your Xianyun to constellation six, you can use Golden Troupe and Kagura's Verity on this build without a second thought. However, the rest of the options are there if you want to try this build-out at zero constellations alongside good buffers like Faruzan or Bennett.

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Xianyun Team Comps

Your team will consist of an on-field Plunging Attacker, Xianyun for support and healing, and two supports to maximize your DPS unit’s potential. Bennett is almost universally advised for any DPS listed here.

Diluc, Hu Tao, Wiothesley, Xiao, Gaming.

  • Xiao DPS: As the name suggests, the team will optimize Xiao's ability to use rage skills, helping him maximize his power, including Xiao, Xianyun, two other Supports, which can be Faruzan and a Support that creates shields or two characters that use elements other than Geo.
  • Gaming DPS: A typical team exists Gaming, Xianyun, another Pyro character (usually Bennet), and a Support.
  • Plunge ATK: Basically, you need a DPS with a significant plunge ATK stat to enjoy Xianyun’s buff. Suitable DPSs would be Hutao, Diluc, Wriothesley or Ayaka.

Xinayun Best Artifacts

  • Viridescent Venerer 4-piece: Suitable for most cases, except for Geo and Anemo teams.
  • Ocean-Hued Clam 4-piece: Buffs HP and ATK for the off-field character ạ
  • Noblesse Oblige 4-piece: One of the best artifacts for a support role. However, it would be changed if you already have a similar thing in your team.
  • 2-piece of each above artifact set: Reduces time and resources to search for suitable artifacts, but will not gain optimal power.

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