No one can deny that stickman is the easiest and most universal characters that anyone can draw.

Djinnworks has been using this image for years with everything ranging from Stickman Hockey, Stickman Soccer, and Stickman Tennis. In fact, the developer has introduced nearly 40 game titles with the appearance of this figure.

The latest title in line is Stickman Ski. In this game, you have to direct your stickman skiing down highly dangerous slopes scattered with obstacles like ramps, rocks, snow cannons, and see-saws. To make the game more challenging, you have to race against the snowslide behind when you ski down the slopes.

Ski 1
Stickman Ski

If you want to add a little bit more adrenaline, choose the night courses and test your skills when the daylight is off. Of course, you will still be on fiberglass planks and glide down extremely steep slopes.

A few first stages are quite easy but the hardness picks up as you move through the game. You will discover new ways to stumble over and hurt yourself terribly. Some of the accidents include face-planting or plowing the snow with your body.

To prevent horrible accidents to happen, master your control by practicing tilting and touching. To brake, you press the left side of the screen and to gain speed, you do the same thing but on the right-hand side, and to jump, swipe upward.

When your figure is in the air, you control by tipping your device to the left or right. Make sure you land at the right angles.

You have a total of four different regions to test your skills in, including the Carpathians, the Alps, the Blackcomb, and the Himalayas. In this game, you do not get to skip stages as the next one can only be unlocked when you complete the one that goes before it.

A quicker way is to pay and you can play any level you want, but where is the fun in that? Visit Google Play and App Store to download this free game now!