If you think you are quick at building castles in Minecraft or are a master of cosplay, read the feats of the guys below.

Recently, the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2019 has been released and all of them are unbelievable. These world records were mostly created in popular games like FIFA 18, Overwatch, Super Mario 2, The Legend of Zelda, Fortnite, Splatoon 2, Roblox, and Dragon FighterZ.

Let's see what they did to become Guinness World Record holders.

1. Build a castle in 4 minutes and 20 seconds in Minecraft Creative Mode

Guinness Callum Knight Fastest Time To Build A Cas

This record belongs to Callum Knight, a.k.a SeaPeeKay, a game Youtuber. After 3 attempts, he managed to build a custom castle in 4 minutes and 20 seconds and got the World record on 21 March 2018. Last year, Callum also had success in making a record of fastest time to build a house in Minecraft in survival mode.

2. Have most Youtube subscribes for a VR video game channel

Guinness Nathaniel De Jong Most Subscribers For A

Nathaniel de Jong, often called Nathie, is regarded as one of the most dedicated VR Content Creators on YouTube. As of 20 March 2018, his channel had 345,389 subscribers and has since continued to raise millions of viewers. If you love Virtual Reality,  you should check out his channel Nathie.

3. Longest video game marathon on a Survival-Horror Game

Guinness Lorenzo Ramondetti Longest Vg Marathon On

36 hours, 29 minutes, 40 seconds was the time Lorenzo Ramondetti (Turin, Italy) played a survival-horror game. He played it from 20 to 22  September and got the World record for his incredible effort.

4. Tallest mobile cosplay suit

Guinness Thomas Depetrillo Tallest Cosplay Costume

Thomas DePetrillo, owner and founder of Extreme Costumes, designed and made the tallest mobile costumes inspired by video game characters or superheroes. His famous suits are Bumblebee (Transformer), Reinhardt (Overwatch) and Hulkbuster (Marvel’s comic) and their heights are 9 feet 6 inches (290 cm), 8 feet 4 inches (254 cm) and 8 feet  (244 cm) respectively.

5. Highest gamerscore on Xbox Live

Guinness Ray Cox Largest Gamerscore 1499

Raymond “Stallion83” Cox from the USA achieved 1,746,820 Xbox Live Gamerscore on 26 February 2018. With this feat, Cox reclaimed the title of Highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live, which was taken by  Stephen "smrnov" Rowe the previous year.

6. Make & display 10 cakes in the Survival Mode of Minecraft in the fastest time

Guinness Stampycat Fastest Time To Make 10 Cakes 0

Joseph Garrett, who is a famous British Youtuber, managed to make and display 10 cakes in 3 minutes 51 seconds in Minecraft Survival Mode. He has made many videos about Minecraft in which he is a character named Stampy Cat. His Youtube channel has over 9 million subscribers.

7. Have most song reference to a video game franchise

Guinness Megaran Most Songs To Reference Videogame

Raheem "Mega Ran" Jarbo is an American underground nerdcore rapper, chiptune DJ, and record producer and he has made 130 songs related to Capcom's Mega Man series. His first song, “Introduction”, was released in 2017. After that, Capcom contacted him and gave him full license to make songs about their Mega Man franchise.

8. Ride from the Dixon Crossing Bridge to Gaptooth Ridge on the Donkey in Red Dead Redemption in the fastest time

Guinness Dan White Fastest Time To Ride From The D

Dan White from London, UK did it within 11 minutes, 7 seconds on September 21, 2017, in the game Red Dead Redemption developed by Rockstar San Diego in 2010.

9. Have the biggest collection of Final Fantasy memorabilia

Guinness Tai Ting Tseng Largest Final Fantasy Coll

No one has a bigger love for Final Fantasy memorabilia than this guy: Tai-Ting Tseng from San Jose, California, USA. He had a total of 3,782 items in his collection, as of 22 July 2017.