To celebrate Booyah! Day, Free Fire is hosting 2 action-packed events, Streamer Clash Squad and Streamer Kombat, with many Free Fire pro players and streamers such as Total Gaming, Tanmay Bhat, Jonty Gaming, MAMBASR, and Aura. The 2 events will last for a total of 6 days from October 26 to October 31.

Freef Rie Booyah 1
Free Fire Booyah! Day celebration is coming

Viewers who join the stream of the event will have a chance to get valuable prizes such as ASUS ROG phones, Diamonds, and Elite Pass. These events will be live on the BOOYAH app at 3 PM every day from 26th October onward.

Booyah! Day Streamer Clash Quads details

Streamer Clash Quads event will last for 3 days, starting from October 26 to October 28.

Day 1 - Protect The VIP

Free Fire Booyah
Watch the streams and get free prizes

On the first day, we will get to see streamers play the Protect The VIP mode. In this game mode, there will be 1 VP team and 11 Bounty Hunter teams. The VIP team will be Total Gaming. The job of the other 11 squads will be to take out the VIP team. Viewers who follow the stream will have a chance to get ASUS ROG phones, official BOOYAH jackets, 50 Elite Passes, and 10,000 random Diamond drops.

Day 2 - VIP Clash Squad

Free Fire Booyah Event

The second day will feature a fight between 2 comedians, Tanmay Bhat and Samay Raina, in a VIP Clash Squad match. If Tanmay Bhat wins, viewers will get Detective Pandas while if Samay Raina wins, viewers will get BOOYAH parachutes. There are also 10,00 Diamonds drop on the second day.

Day 3 - Streamer Clash Squad

Stream Clash Squad

On Dat 3, we will have 2 teams of streamers go against each other in Clash Squad. We have Team Groza with Gamers Zone, Alex Bhai, MambaSR, Kutty Gokul, Sooneeta, and team MP40 with Aura, Technical KK, Tonde Gamer, Gaming Subrata, TGB Wolf, OPG Cookie, and Xmania. Viewers will get a chance to receive BOOYAH boxes, Spirit Foxes, and 10,000 random Diamond drops while watching the stream.

Booyah! Day Streamer Kombat 4.0 details

Streamer Kombat 4.0 will last for 3 days from October 29 to October 31.

Streamer Kombat 4.0 features 24 teams of streamers. They will be split into 2 groups of 12 teams. Teams on Group A will play on Day 4 and teams on Group B will play on Day 5. The top 6 teams from each group will move on to the Grand Finals. Day 6 will be the Grand Finals.

Viewers who attend the streams will get various drops such as pets, Diamonds, backpack, and Wepaon Crate.

55005 Day 4

20249 Day 5 1

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