Dragon Eye Online (DEO) is a new mobile MMORPG in the works that takes a different approach from the established formula. There will be no classes, no restrictions on how the game is played, and best of all, no microtransactions.

In fact, you can play the entire game without paying a single penny. There is absolutely no in-app purchase here. Sure, you can opt to pay $7.99 (Rs 564) per month for a premium subscription, but it won’t give you more abilities or ridiculously powerful items. All you will get are some conveniences such as fast travel or expanded inventory. The developers are very adamant about not having any pay-to-win in Dragon Eye Online.

Dragon Eye Online: First look

The Alpha version of the game will be released on Steam, and then it will get console and mobile ports later.

The story

The world of Dragon Eye Online was peaceful and prosperous. All factions were united, and they worked towards one common goal: To bring a better quality of life to all the inhabitants of the realm. Mana, a mythical resource discovered in ancient times, granted access to magic to those who could control it. The research and use of magic were strictly regulated to make sure that no faction would ever become powerful enough to take over the others. Any discovered Mana source would be harvested and distributed among every city and stored underground.


That all changed when the invaders attacked. Enticed by the vast Mana reserves of the factions, they pillaged city after city, consuming Mana as they went, while defenders are powerless against their ever-growing might.

With resistance being futile, the few who managed to escape sought refuge in secluded villages. These survivors are the only hope of restoring the realm to its former glory.


Dragon Eye Online still has some familiar elements of role-playing games, such as character attribute (Strength, Fortitude, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.). However, you won’t be able to increase them simply by leveling up and putting points into them. Instead, when you use an ability that is dependant on an attribute, that attribute will be increased. Of course, there are items that give a bonus to your attribute when equipped as well

Each attribute affects specific stats that assist you in combat. There is no class in DEO, so you can customize your character however you wish. To do that, just focus on increasing the attributes you want. For example, if you want to become a tank, you need to improve your Strength and Fortitude.

Deo 2

Abilities in the game can be unlocked through many different means, such as equipping a specific weapon (each weapon type comes with some preset abilities), progressing through the main quest or faction quests, or completing dungeons and events.


Another thing that sets DEO apart from most MMORPGs is that it doesn’t require you to kill millions of monsters to level up. Instead, each and every quest will be a series of unique tasks that contribute to a part of the story. Just completing one quest could take you a week, but by the end, you’ll feel like you have really accomplished something. Quests will also give you rewards such as experience for a chosen skill, or special items.

The economy

Every item in Dragon Eye Online will be created or crafted by players through a "profession". These Professions are skills such as mining, cooking, blacksmithing, etc. that turn ingredients or raw materials into useful items. While players can choose to be self-sufficient and pursue all professions, they are encouraged to master just one, and then work or trade with others so that both sides can benefit.

Deo 3

In order to perform any action related to a profession, you will need to expend energy. This resource can be recharged by waiting, eating food created by the cooking profession, or resting at inns. Therefore, any action that puts something in the economy will also take something out of it, thus promoting the interaction between professions.

To further stimulate social interaction between players, DEO will not feature an auction house. Instead, players will have to trade directly. They can visit trading centers in villages and open stalls to present and sell their goods.

Right now, Dragon Eye Online is still under development, with no release date specified yet. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming game!