Coming from developer Viktor Domonyi, Moonshades is a dungeon crawler for mobile that draws inspiration from games such as Wizardry or Eyes of the Beholder and Wizardry. The game actually already launched for Android a while back, but now it's also made its way over to iOS as well. Check out its trailer below:

Moonshades promises to deliver an engaging story in which you’ll be exploring maze-like dungeons to try to restore freedom to the lands of Harten. Ancient treasures buried deep inside these structures contain long lost wisdom that will prove invaluable in fending off the invading evils.

Along the way, you’ll encounter plenty of mythical beasts and fantasy creatures, so you'll have to make sure to equip yourself with sufficient equipment to deal with anything that might come up. Needless to say, you’ll obtain items by defeating enemies. Weapons, armor, and other accessories can all be found and upgraded to power up your character, giving you an easier time in battles.

Moonshades Ios Android Featured
Explore ancient dungeons and defeat vicious enemies

In addition to the conventional swords and shields, Moonshades also offers a wide variety of powerful spells for you to play with, which comes in all kinds of looks and functions. If you want to straight up wreck your foes, you can unleash devastating fireballs upon them. Alternatively, if you’d rather rely on your trusty sword instead, then these spells can provide additional protection.

Aside from dealing with the dungeon dwellers, there will also be several riddles and puzzles to overcome. If you find yourself stuck at some point, be sure to talk to NPCs as they might give you some hints. Some of these NPCs will allow you to trade with them to obtain additional items as well.

Moonshades Ios Android Inventory
Plenty of items to obtain

With this iOS release, Moonshades is now available on both Google Play and the App Store. It is a free-to-play game with IAPs included.